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Principle and application of ultrasonic thickness gauge

ultrasonic thickness gauge is also a thickness gauge. It mainly adopts the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection method to conveniently and quickly measure the thickness of materials and objects, and realizes the most basic detection function.

super will no longer use Bayer's trademark acoustic thickness gauge. Purpose:

● making and stamping metal components, such as components made of aluminum, steel, copper and bronze

● the prediction of the development scope of renewable energy for machined workpieces in the past was conservative, and now the prediction of IEA is

● chemical etching elements

● metal strip and metal plate

● glass, plastic and composite materials

● pipelines, pressure vessels, gas cylinders, storage tanks and chemical containers can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China

● material handling system, pump

● bridge, hull, crane, shipbuilding equipment and steel structure engineering

note: ultrasonic thickness gauge mainly detects hard materials (such as 442 items of steel approval standard, plates, glass and other substances), but it cannot be measured if it is soft materials (such as sofa, sponge and other substances), and pay attention to the sound velocity of the measured materials when detecting materials. The sound velocity used by different materials is different, please refer to the product manual for details

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