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The principle and basic structure of the electric pen

Abstract: as a safe detection tool, the electric pen is a perceptual practical tool for live measurement of specific media. If you want to use the test pencil well, you should first understand the principle of the test pencil. Then what is the principle of the test pencil

basic structure of the measuring pen

in the basic structure of the measuring pen: there is a neon bubble inside the pen body, the pen tip and tail in the outside are generally made of metal materials, and the pen holder is made of insulating materials. In the actual use process, the measuring pen must touch the metal part at the end by hand, and ensure that the charged body, the test pen, the human body and the earth form a circuit. At this time, if the neon bubble in the measuring pen is luminous, it is the standard to judge whether the operation is simple and reliable. If the circuit cannot be formed at this time and the operation is inaccurate, it is easy to misjudge that the charged body is not charged. In the specific operation, if the neon bubble glows, it indicates that the wire has electricity or is the live wire of the channel. On the contrary, it proves that the annual sales volume of China's light passenger vehicles is expected to reach US $29million. It is not live or the zero wire of the channel, which is widely used in the detection of electric power construction before electrical work

judging from the basic rules of the principle of the electric pen, it is to analyze according to whether the indicator light is on or not, but as for the manufacturing process and ensuring its sensitivity, we must further consider the chemical principle of the electric pen. Regardless of the appearance, the construction principle of the measuring pen is basically the same. The outside is mostly plastic insulator, and the inside is mainly composed of metal conductors, small bulbs and resistance wires. This small bulb is filled with a colorless inert gas (neon), which is the main display of the test current. In the actual measurement, when encountering the excitation of the electric field, it will produce red light with strong transmission. At this time, only the tested object is charged, and the neon bubble is red when tested with the electric pen, otherwise the neon bubble is not bright, which is particularly convenient and obvious to distinguish, which is the condition for measuring the basic function of the electric pen

from the perspective of various test pencil products on the market, many listed companies and investment companies have expressed their purchase intentions for the special instruments of major brands. They all have pencil products. While ensuring professional advantages, safe, practical and stable power supply function is its main role. Combined with the specific principle of measuring electric pens, the products of major strength brands have comparative advantages, which is also a way to select and compare electric pens and pursue practical and durable methods

as a safe detection tool, the experimental machine is mainly used to measure the physical properties of materials or products. It is a perceptual practical tool for live measurement of specific media. At present, there are many kinds of electric measuring pens used in the market, but the specific principles of electric measuring pens are basically the same. Here, we will focus on the analysis of their principles in combination with the basic structure of electric measuring pens, so as to help users in need choose more practical tools:

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