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The principle and application of nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology

I. overview

nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology is a micro anti-counterfeiting technology that can directly penetrate into various carriers. Its principle is to use the randomness, microcosmism and extension characteristics of nuclear groups in the process of movement, and embed them in various carriers in a layered and three-dimensional manner, setting insurmountable obstacles for imitators, Even the producer himself cannot copy the same nuclear track original

this technology was listed as the national key scientific and technological research project of the "Eighth Five Year Plan" by the national science and Technology Commission in 1993, and was developed by the Beijing nuclear Hangzhou Institute of new technology. In March, 1995, it passed the expert appraisal under the auspices of the Ministry of public security and the State Bureau of technical supervision, and was rated as a national new product in 1996. The national standard (GB/t-) issued in October 1997 listed it as the most advanced (3.10) anti-counterfeiting technology. The National Bureau of quality and technical supervision and the national anti-counterfeiting Standardization Technical Committee recognized this technology as the only internationally exclusive world leading project in China at present, occupying a leading position in anti-counterfeiting technology at home and abroad. Since 1995, this technology has been officially applied to the customs system, the military product protection system of the troops stationed in Hong Kong and Macao, and the dual security trusted identification system organized by the Beijing Institute of technology supervision law

the acceptance report detected by 40 identification instruments directly under the customs shows that after using this technology, the identification of true and false marks can be realized, that is, 100% of the true marks pass and 100% of the false marks are intercepted

II. Technical principle and basic characteristics

nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology introduces the anti-counterfeiting principle of ancient tiger amulet into the micro world, uses a large number of micro particle group carvings as the original, forms a master in its three-dimensional random state, and then infiltrates into the used carrier in various ways. Its basic characteristics are as follows:

(1) uniqueness

because at present, people cannot control the individual behavior of a large number of micro particles, Therefore, it is determined by the random group carving in the process of nuclear motion. Its uniqueness is not guaranteed by expensive equipment, difficult to find materials and complex technology, but by its simplest random form. Taking the nuclear pore filter membrane as an example, even if the equipment, materials and technology for preparing the sample are handed over to the imitator, it is still impossible to make infinitely extended randomly distributed nuclear pores. Therefore, compared with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, it has greater anti counterfeiting ability

(2) apparent recognition

the majority of consumers can see the trace of nuclear encryption from a certain point of view, and its form is difficult to express by other methods

(3) detectability

there are detection instruments at different prices for on-site detection and arbitration

(4) non transferability

this information can be integrated with various carriers and has the effect of one-time use

(5) the price is moderate and easy to use

III. application examples

1. It can be applied on the laser holographic film

the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology can be applied in a certain way. 1. The correct use method of the ring stiffness experimental machine can be combined on the laser holographic film, which can improve the anti-counterfeiting function of the laser hologram. For example, the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo used in the customs declaration form and the tax refund manual and the double guaranteed and trusted commodity logo used by the Beijing Institute of quality and technical supervision law all adopt the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology

2. It can be applied on all kinds of paper.

for example, the Chinese anti-counterfeiting commitment logo supervised by the China anti counterfeiting technology association is realized on anti-counterfeiting paper by using the combination of nuclear double card technology and ordinary printing technology

3. it can be applied to various plastic films

for example, when packaging various plastic bags, such as packaging bags, the nuclear double card information can be directly infiltrated into the plastic bag seal, or the establishment and improvement of industrial energy conservation and green standard system can be accelerated on the cigarette packaging production line, and the nuclear double card information can be directly infiltrated into the outer packaging plastic film

4. Application of

(1) nuclear double card encryption is carried out on the ticket base paper. After the coated paper is processed by the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting encryption machine, the nuclear encryption anti-counterfeiting paper with "nuclear watermark" image can be obtained

(2) the nuclear resonance trigger ink is used to print the shading on the nuclear encryption paper, so that the nuclear encryption anti-counterfeiting paper has the functions of anti erasure and anti counterfeiting at the same time

(3) install the two-dimensional bar code software in the existing ticket printing equipment, and use the two-dimensional code formed by the nuclear resonance trigger material to realize the three prevention functions (anti counterfeiting, anti alteration, anti reuse)

(4) the secondary monitoring function of tickets can be realized by using the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting identification instrument and nuclear resonance trigger detector

IV. usage

1. Sign installation

(1) paste; (2) Embedded during packaging and printing

2. recognition method

(1) naked eye recognition: align the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting logo and place it parallel to the eye, and the nuclear watermark part protrudes from the paper

(2) double layer structure identification: remove the surface layer, and leave the inner layer that cannot be separated from the carrier on the adherend, which not only realizes the main anti-counterfeiting function, but also ensures the disposable effect

(3) password identification: enter the reservation number, and relevant information can be sent out in

(4) double card professional recognition: align the window of the double card recognizer with the preset area of the logo to identify the authenticity

(5) nuclear double card identification: align the probe of the double card identification instrument with the preset area of the identification to realize the true and false identification

so far, the General Administration of Customs has applied the "nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology" to more than 40 customs offices across the country in 7 years. In 1996, the value of identifying fake documents was 10 billion yuan, in 1997, 40 billion yuan, and in 1998, the value of Shenzhen Customs alone reached 60 billion yuan, with remarkable results. At present, Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision has approved more than 20 enterprises and companies such as Beijing Li Ning sporting goods Co., Ltd., Beijing Dannong shirt and clothing company and Beijing sampu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. to use the logo with "atomic nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology"

"double card anti-counterfeiting technology" has been widely used, which should be said to be a new way in the field of anti-counterfeiting technology. It has become a more advanced and reliable anti-counterfeiting technology in the world today

relevant experts believe that the "nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology" has broad and huge social and economic benefits, and should be seriously applied and promoted, so that the "nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology" can form an industry, go to the country and the world

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