The hottest new forklift of XCMG has obtained the

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XCMG forklift new products have obtained the market access certificate

now let's learn about the use and advantages of this Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. experimental machine. Guide: XCMG balanced weight forklift type test is successful. Recently, xt530c and xt550cd balanced weight forklifts newly developed by XCMG traditional industry transformation and upgrading company passed the inspection of national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection, After getting the market access to show more and more big national standard certificates in the military, XCMG's product family has added new members. The personnel of the national inspection center will change the company's samples due to the heat generated by friction

Recently, the xt530c and xt550cd balance weight forklifts newly developed by XCMG special machinery company passed the inspection in the national quality supervision and inspection of construction machinery, obtained the market pass, and added new members to XCMG's product family

the personnel of the national inspection center carried out product appearance, lifting height and speed, noise, load and 400 hour strengthening test on the xt530c and xt550cd counterweight forklifts newly developed by the company. All the performances of the two products met the design standards

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