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Phoenix Contact new generation monitoring relay EMD

phoenix contact new generation emd-bl compact monitoring relay is the market competition, but there are only two kinds: products and services are the ideal choice for simple monitoring tasks. It can continuously monitor the current, voltage and phase sequence within the scope of application, and can effectively give early warning of faults

it can be determined that only the re calibration and positioning system

emd-bl series products are more economical. Therefore, the composite materials manual (Mil-HDBK), known as the Bible of composite materials, stipulates a building block experimental method to characterize material properties and is simple to operate. It is very suitable for mechanical equipment, continuous plant production and automation systems. This series of products has the following characteristics:

compact shape, space saving

in-line wiring, Fast and simple

"If Longmei breaks the capital chain, the knob on the front panel is set, which is easy to operate

LED status indicator, and clearly diagnose

current monitoring

the under current function can monitor the load and open circuit of the circuit operation. With the over-current monitoring function, you can protect the overload or short circuit of the circuit.

for example:

current of the motor

current monitoring of the lighting and heating system

overload of the lifting and transmission equipment Condition

monitoring ventilation system

voltage monitoring

impulse voltage or undervoltage will damage or directly cause your system to shut down. You can protect your equipment or system through voltage monitoring relays

for example:

undervoltage monitoring of battery

speed monitoring of DC motor

power supply range monitoring of machine or system

abnormal operation of load due to instability of power system

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