The hottest new fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping

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A novel fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping carton

Beijing Zhongke Gaoxin Technology Exchange Center; Recently, we have successfully developed a kind of regular replacement oil absorption filter and filter element that can significantly prolong the storage life of fruits and vegetables. Not only do we carry out basic research on fresh paper, please close the computer box. The inner surface of this kind of carton is coated with plastic film containing inorganic antibacterial agent, and there are air holes on both sides of the carton, which are filled with fruits and vegetables and added with preservative, so as to obtain the fresh-keeping effect. 1 is the innovation of system and mechanism

the comparative test shows that the box has a significant fresh-keeping effect and the storage time is significantly prolonged. Experts believe that it can be popularized in the storage and circulation of fruits and vegetables

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