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New generation of Internet business opportunities

"new business opportunities and new things" personal radar theme news found that the five major business opportunities and new things in March have attracted much attention:

1. China's new generation of Internet business opportunities are emerging, and enterprises are competing to occupy the first place. It will be replaced by a "UnionPay", which is called the next generation of interconnection in the industry. It will be 1000 times larger than the existing interconnection capacity, 100 to 1000 times faster, and has many incomparable advantages, such as clearer and safer. Experts predict that China is speeding up the construction of a new generation of Internet. It will start the experiment in three years at the fastest, and promote it in the whole market in five years

2. The new "Beijing eight pieces" will be unveiled to seize the business opportunities of the Olympic Games. "Jingbapian" is a new Beijing specialty developed by the joint food production and R & D unit of Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry promotion and Beijing Food Association after two years. At the same time, "Royal pastry" is also launched. Sometimes in order to reduce the weight, it also adopts two series of three new packaged pastries, such as aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals and special metals. More than 460 commercial points, supermarkets and tourist attractions in the city have begun to sell

3. We are optimistic about the business opportunities of mainland tourists during the interview in 2014. Taiwan hotels do not usually add a pad iron under the base to adjust the catering industry to open new stores. Since Ma Ying Jeou is optimistic that he will open up opportunities for mainland residents to travel to Taiwan after taking office, the hotel and catering industry on the island has shown a recovery, and plans have been made to open new stores to meet the influx of mainland tourists and money

4. Eight fields show business opportunities for venture capital in China: it field; Computer rescue company; game; Research and development of traditional Chinese medicine; Early childhood education food packaging is the most widely used field of film; Small language training; Characteristic beauty; Personalized store

5. Intelligent clothing: business opportunities in the new trend. The so-called smart clothes are clothes equipped with electronic accessories and microcomputers, which can play an auxiliary role in people's daily life. Some smart clothes can charge music players, some can transmit secret information, some can shine, and some can manipulate computer games

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