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The new foreign trade policy is expected to be issued this month. The national insurance regulatory work conference held in January 2014 announced to accelerate the transformation of foreign trade mode. The Ministry of Commerce will issue guidance on accelerating the transformation of foreign trade development mode within this month and issue it in the form of a document of the general Office of the State Council. A person from the Ministry of Commerce believes that the Ministry of Commerce has always paid great attention to changing the growth mode of foreign trade in order to realize the transformation of China from "made in China" to "created in China". It is worth noting that from the perspective of resource endowment, as China's comparative advantage, abundant labor force will not be completely separated in the future. Considering the employment problem, traditional industries cannot be abandoned

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has indeed paid great attention to accelerating the transformation of the development mode of foreign trade. Many officials of the Ministry of Commerce have pointed out on different occasions that it is necessary to accelerate the transformation of the development mode of foreign trade

Zhong Shan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, stressed at the Symposium on foreign trade forms held in Zhengzhou in the early stage that in order to meet the requirements of the new situation and new tasks, we must accelerate the transformation of the development mode of foreign trade, which will become the main task of China's foreign trade development this year and for some time to come

zhangyansheng, director of the Institute of foreign economics of the Macroeconomic Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, believes that "the past mode of foreign trade growth can be described as boundless merit, but facing the new stage and new situation, China's mode of foreign trade growth has new requirements and tasks"

Li Rongcan, director of the Policy Research Office of the Ministry of Commerce, made a speech entitled "transforming the development mode of foreign trade and promoting the transformation from made in China to created in China" at a seminar a few days ago. Li Rongcan pointed out that looking back on the 30 years of reform and opening up, we have actually followed an East Asian development model, that is, export leads to a significant decline in the friction coefficient to a model, and exports drive economic growth. Many of our policies, Many resources are inclined to the trade sector. Therefore, at least now there are some problems or prominent contradictions

"the contradiction is mainly reflected in: firstly, in recent years, China's trade friction has been increasing. Secondly, although China's trade volume and scale are large, the benefits obtained from trade are very limited, which is mainly reflected in China's large amount of processing trade, resulting in the lack of core competitiveness of goods until rubber products are torn apart." Dr. Zhang Lei of the National Energy Research Institute expressed this

experts believe that we should pay attention to four key points in the transformation of economic growth mode in the future

first, pay attention to the balance between external and domestic demand. He Weiwen, director of the Sino US economic and Trade Research Center of the University of international business and economics, believes that China used to adopt an export-oriented foreign trade growth model, and the outbreak of the financial crisis directly affected the export enterprises in the coastal areas, especially. At the same time, this growth model has also caused a certain misunderstanding, that is, China's domestic demand is insufficient. Of course, external demand is also indispensable. Therefore, China's domestic and foreign demand needs to maintain a certain proportion

secondly, maintain the balance of foreign trade among regions. He Weiwen believes that China's low-level extension expansion needs to be adjusted. According to the "experiment" button, China's current trade pattern shows a decreasing trend of foreign trade surplus. However, by region, China's trade surplus with the EU is still large. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the large amount of processing trade in China. Therefore, processing trade urgently needs to be transformed and upgraded. He Weiwen suggested that China should change from an extensive growth mode with high pollution and high energy consumption to an intensive and high-end growth mode

third, there is an urgent need to develop a big country strategy that is based on export-oriented development and supplemented by domestic demand. Zhang Yansheng said that as the world's largest exporter, operators should change their thinking and develop their own technology, brand, design and so on. Zhang Yansheng also suggested that China should pay more attention to the research and development of independent terminal products, the export of medium and high-end parts and components, and the import of energy and equipment in the future

fourth, pay attention to the "going out" of production systems such as capital, RMB and banks. Zhang Yansheng believes that China also needs to pay attention to the introduction of talents, high-quality elements and innovative resources. At the same time, in terms of going out, in addition to products, China should also pay attention to the "going out" of production systems such as capital, RMB and banks. Zhang Yansheng also pointed out that China should also pay attention to the establishment of multinational companies in the future and use the comprehensive capabilities of the two markets in order to establish a global production and trade system in the next 30 years

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