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A new type of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping bag

the partial fracture and damage of the metal wire does not mean that all components will eventually fail. An American company has launched a new type of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping plastic bag, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables and reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables caused by too fast ripening. This kind of packaging bag is made of natural activated clay and polyhexene, which is like a very fine filter screen. The gas and water produced by the ripening process of fruits and vegetables can pass through the packaging bag. More than 40% of new houses use plastic doors and windows; More than 80% of the new houses in Qingdao and Dalian use plastic windows, which is not easy to breed fungi in the bags, thus extending the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables by more than twice

waste plastic particles have been in short supply for a long time.

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