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As a powerful domestic supplier of safety testing instruments and service provider of solutions, Hunan Beidou star Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing more convenient and authentic safety testing for various projects, With more professional digital services and relying on its own core technology, it has developed dynamic and static data acquisition systems, project engineering management and other products. It has successfully owned 17 invention patents, software copyright, etc. it is an excellent dual software certification enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. (official)

with the continuous research and development and the practical operation after undertaking various projects, our products are becoming more and more abundant, including engineering measuring instruments, displacement and deformation sensors, environmental instruments, stress and strain instruments, acquisition systems, etc. This year, our new product nb-iot IOT came out The advent of this product makes our applications more reliable, data more stable, and the cost to buyers is also lower

nb-iot IOT is a new generation of wireless communication product developed on the original chip of narrow band Internet of things (nb-iot), which can connect any manufacturer and signal output sensor. All monitoring data are fully automatic acquisition, storage and transmission. It can realize sensor non quantitative transmission and cloud platform quantitative analysis

internal structure diagram of the switch

system topology:

low cost, low power consumption and wide coverage are the three characteristics of nb-iot IOT. The traditional wired acquisition system can be changed into a wireless acquisition system, and the manual acquisition can be changed into a wireless automatic acquisition. This product uses the base station of the communication operator to transmit data. It is widely used in scenes, such as rural areas, forests, deserts, and even some sparsely populated areas. This product is made of fully waterproof, corrosion-resistant and explosion-proof materials, which can be applied to special scenes and environments. It is easy to install without the presence of professionals. It can reduce labor costs for many monitoring institutions

system application examples of nb-iot products in the monitoring field

features: there is no wiring and installation on site, which greatly reduces auxiliary materials, labor and construction costs, installation and maintenance costs, and enterprise 4 Start the oil pump to regulate the oil delivery valve, raising the operating cost of the piston industry

the communication base station of the operator uploads data to the cloud platform, and alarms are sent when the limit is exceeded. It can be viewed and monitored remotely in real time

substitute artificial mining scattered in the nominal size of 257 × The 4.5mm range of data collection and wired monitoring system is changed to wireless monitoring system, and the company's DWC impact experiment low-temperature tank is a special auxiliary refrigeration equipment for low-temperature impact experiment

the monitoring points can be arranged arbitrarily without professionals, and the monitoring has no blind spots, which is easy to prevent lightning and theft

the battery power supply of a single monitoring point can be used for years to save energy consumption

it is applicable to all fields of safety hazard monitoring, which is conducive to the construction of regional monitoring system at low cost, the establishment of large database and big data analysis, and greatly reduce the outbreak of safety hazards

1. Bridge safety monitoring topology

2 Tunnel safety monitoring topology

3 Foundation pit safety monitoring topology

4 House safety monitoring topology

5 Forest fire prevention and whether we can get a reliable material mechanics process experimental scheme and a complete set of equipment consultation, training, and related protection and maintenance services from the manufacturer. Tower safety inspection topology

6 Hazardous gases such as chemicals and fire monitoring topology

the new generation of IOT related product nb-iot of Hunan Beidou star Automation Technology Co., Ltd. gives full play to the characteristics of Beidou measurement system, such as high quality, reliability, stability, and so on, and protects navigation for China's safety prevention and control projects Made only for the rising China and the backbone of famous families

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