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Aise Technology: automobile energy saving starts with "dolls"

manual switches should be installed on the self wires to control the experimental motor. Today, with the increasing shortage of natural resources, how to reduce the contradiction between cars and energy has become an urgent problem. The concept of new energy vehicles has been popular for many years, but it remains to be tested by technology and time to truly enter the homes of ordinary people; Automobile manufacturing enterprises are actively developing energy-saving vehicles, and aishe technology, which has advanced technology in the field of energy conservation, believes that the random switching between energy-saving control modes in the automotive field should start from dolls and the automotive manufacturing process

the rise of auto manufacturing powers

as a rising power, China's auto production and sales have ranked first in the world for three consecutive years; Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Industry Association, estimated that the total demand of China's automobile market in 2013 was about 20.8 million vehicles; As a large manufacturing country, China's automobile production and sales volume ranked first in the world for the fourth consecutive year in 2012, with more than 19million vehicles both, hitting a new record. According to foreign media, studies have shown that China will become the world's number one auto manufacturer by 2025

the special car for French President Hollande's visit to China is a new red flag state guest car independently developed by China. Its appearance shows the confidence of China's intelligent manufacturing; At the Shanghai auto show, global auto manufacturers gathered, and domestic cars were praised with pride. China's auto manufacturing industry is in a period of vigorous development. According to the report of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2012, the profits of 29 of the 41 major industrial industries in China increased year-on-year, of which the automobile manufacturing industry increased by 5.6%

a cradle of energy-saving automobile manufacturing

in recent years, the number of domestic automobile manufacturing enterprises has increased year by year, and the competition among enterprises is fierce. It is an inevitable problem for automobile manufacturing enterprises to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. In addition, supermarket plastic bags are purchased from regular manufacturers. We have experienced the production of experimental machines for so many years. The national 12th Five Year Plan has clear requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial enterprises. Automobile manufacturing enterprises need advanced technology to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. Aishe technology can just meet the needs of these enterprises

when most energy-saving enterprises only carry out energy-saving transformation for general power equipment such as pumps and fans in factories, aishe technology, which advocates the concept of systematic energy conservation, creatively realizes energy conservation and energy saving, and truly reduces energy demand and supplies energy on demand, so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

after the transformation of the whole set of compressed air system from the air compression station building to the end equipment, the energy-saving rate of the enterprise can reach%, which can significantly reduce the power consumption, coal consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of cars in the production process, and provide an energy-saving manufacturing cradle for cars

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