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Love street lamps light up rural revitalization Road, Guangdong Lions Club donates 100 solar street lamps to xuetanglong village, Renhua county

love street lamps light up rural revitalization Road, Guangdong Lions Club donates 100 solar street lamps to xuetanglong village, Renhua county

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original title: the love street lamps should be powered on regularly to light up rural revitalization Road, Guangdong Lions Club donated hundreds of solar street lamps to xuetanglong village in Renhua county

osmanthus fragrance welcomes guests, and a new chapter of Rural Revitalization spectrum. On the occasion of the arrival of the fifth "poverty alleviation day" in China, on October 12, the lighting ceremony of Guangdong Lions Club "lion love light · light up the countryside" was held in xuetanglong village, Changjiang Town, Renhua county, which implemented the imported copper belt and slowly transported it to the Rural Revitalization strategy in the high-speed punch and won the battle against poverty

it is understood that xuetanglong village in Changjiang town is a provincial poverty-stricken village jointly assisted by the Publicity Department of Shaoguan municipal Party committee and Danxia Mountain Management Committee. With the help of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, Guangdong Lions Club and its service teams donated 100 sets of solar street lamps worth about 400000 yuan to the village, and donated a batch of love and condolences materials such as quilts to the poor households in the village

with the street lights on, villager Qi Jiawen said, "in the past, when there were no street lights in the village, villagers had to use firewood and flashlight to light their trips at night. Now that there are street lights, it is really convenient for our life. Thank you very much for the help of the two support units and the Guangdong lions Association."

on the day of the event, the comprehensive cultural service center of Xuetang long village was also unveiled, which integrates the functions of a rural bookstore, a meeting room of the party masses Council, a comprehensive cultural activity room, a volunteer post and photovoltaic power generation. At the same time, the assistance unit also built a new basketball court for the villagers. In this case, 1. It is a multi-functional square and small park with large gaps, a grain drying field, a parking lot and a leisure and exercise square, as well as the cultural rooms of village groups. The villagers generally reflect that it is very practical. Renhua county bureau of culture, radio, film and television news also held an activity to send plays to the countryside on the same day. The newly formed square dance team of xuetanglong Village (including poor households) participated in the performance of the dance "see the red mountains again", which was rehearsed spontaneously

it is reported that the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, the Danxia Mountain Management Committee and its village based task force adhere to the pattern of large-scale poverty alleviation, actively coordinate and contact relevant social love enterprises and charitable public welfare organizations inside and outside the city, such as the Guangdong Lions Club, to participate in poverty alleviation in the village for three consecutive years, and have raised more than 3 million yuan to promote a number of public service projects and poverty alleviation projects for poor households. At the same time, the two assistance units adhere to the development of bamboo tending and photovoltaic projects to promote industrial revitalization, cultivate rural practical talents to help talent revitalization, strive to create a provincial civilized village to promote cultural revitalization, strive to improve the living environment to promote ecological revitalization, and build a "three type" rural grass-roots party organization to promote organizational revitalization, which has brought new changes to the village, At present, the village has won the titles of "civilized village of Shaoguan City directly affecting the intrinsic safety current limiting characteristics" and "health village of Shaoguan City"

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