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Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment is at full power for spring ploughing

Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment is at full power for spring ploughing

name, specification, model and quantity of main equipment (production line)

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on February 24, in the Weifang factory area of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, staff are carefully checking the accessories and certificates of Lovol Europa large and medium-sized tractors ready to leave the factory, This is a microcosm of LoVo Arbos' agricultural equipment, which is ready for spring ploughing

after the Spring Festival, spring ploughing and broadcasting preparations have been carried out throughout the country. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of spring ploughing and broadcasting preparations, Lovol heavy industry, as a leading enterprise in the domestic agricultural machinery industry, has already begun to prepare for spring ploughing. A hot production scene can be seen everywhere in the large industrial equipment workshop of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment tractor factory

"in order to maximize the supply demand of the market, the factory made a plan in advance before the festival, systematically arranged the production rhythm after the festival, coordinated and organized production resources, balanced production scheduling for different models, rapidly increased production capacity, and provided equipment support for spring ploughing and broadcasting preparation." Liuhaitao, deputy director of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment tractor factory, told the author

Lovol opal tractors ready to be sent to the spring ploughing market

multi product portfolio to assist spring ploughing

"last year, Lovol opal large and medium-sized tractors sold more than 67000 units, and the reliability and performance advantages of tractors have been unanimously recognized by the majority of users. Among them, the production and sales of Lovol opal large and medium-sized tractors with more than 100 horsepower increased significantly." Liu Qingguo, general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment marketing company, told the author. "This year, our Lovol Matt mark precision seeder has also been favored by users, and will also play a big role in this year's spring ploughing."

the author learned that since Lovol Matt mark precision seeder was officially put into operation in Heilongjiang Beidahuang factory in December 2015, it has attracted many cooperatives, family farms, large grain growers and others to watch and order with its advantages of high sowing precision and small seed damage

Lovol leopard's large and medium-sized Trailer room is busy with production.

it is reported that the core seeding monomer of Lovol Matt mark precision no tillage fertilizer seeder is imported from Europe, and the cab is equipped with a monitoring system, which can monitor the seeding of each seeding monomer in real time. In case of blockage and missing seeding, it can be fed back to the monitor in time, and at the same time, it is matched with a 180 HP tractor, which can realize GPS automatic driving and work more efficiently

up to now, Lovol mattmark precision seeders have reached nearly a thousand, and Lovol Beidahuang factory has entered full load production to meet the strong market demand

training services help spring ploughing at the same time

at present, spring ploughing preparations across the country are being prepared in an orderly manner. On the basis of innovation and solid excellence, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment has made full preparations not only in terms of products, but also in terms of terminal training, accessory support and other services

"in the face of the strong market demand for high-power tractors, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment integrates internal and external resources, refines regional management, divides the country into seven regions: Central China, central China, South China, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Qinghai, Shanxi, Gansu and Ningxia, and Xinjiang, and implements special service management according to general products, key products, and key regions to maximize user satisfaction." Meet the requirements of the national standard gb/t229 (1) 994 "metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method" for impact tests on metal materials, said Sun Shiyuan, deputy general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment marketing company

Before and after the Spring Festival, Lovol apos agricultural equipment provided special training for more than 130 full-time service technicians on new key products such as Lovol opal large and medium-sized tractors and Lovol apos tractors, so as to continuously improve the comprehensive skills of service personnel. In addition, according to the sales situation of market products, the staff should also be well placed. More than 1900 terminal service network service personnel were trained in comprehensive service skills by regions and skill levels, and the construction of terminal service team was strengthened

in terms of spare parts guarantee, in order to ensure the effective supply of the spare parts market, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment will rely on the four level spare parts supply system of "supplier + headquarters spare parts department + sub center and agent warehouse + market terminal" this year, take active credit support for new heavy products, key regions and cross regional operations, strengthen the effective allocation of regional resources, and strengthen the monitoring of the delivery process of spare parts, Ensure to provide timely and effective accessory support for the majority of users during the critical period of spring cultivation and preparation for broadcasting, which also determines the future of China

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