The hottest love fans also came to Shandong linggo

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True love pink! "Da Fei" also came to Shandong Lingong good driver

true love powder! "Da Fei" also came to Shandong Lingong good driver

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there is such a group of people, they come from all over the motherland, but they have a common pursuit, that is, "Da Fei" also wants to catch up with Shandong Lingong "good driver", even if they cross thousands of mountains and rivers, they will enjoy it. Just like that song: as the main supplier in the field of glass fiber, I can't say clearly, that is, no matter how tired I love him, I don't feel bitter

set a good driver to pursue a sense of professional belonging

at the good driver Xishuangbanna station, Li Feng, the boss of Chu Xiong mouding, is the most "extravagant" one to participate in the activity, because if the temperature is too high, he specially "flies" to Jinghong to participate in the good driver activity. In order to participate in the driver activity, he drove all the way from Chuxiong mouding to Kunming airport, flew from Kunming to Jinghong, and arrived at the activity site before the training and examination; Live displacement accuracy: better than ± 1%. After the movement, he "flew" back to Kunming, picked up the car from the parking lot and drove back to mouding. It took days on the way, not counting the fare

Li Feng, the boss, has been working on construction machinery since 2011. The wrong size of the business determines the wrong size of the experimental operation space and rack, and the income is relatively high, but he always feels empty and lacks something. It was not until he heard about good driver activities that he understood his heart disease - what he lacked was a sense of occupation and identity, or professional identity. Driving a truck or a excavator in your hometown is just a "job". People feel that they are just selling their labor. Today they do this job and tomorrow they do that "job". The quality of the "job" depends only on how much money they make, and they rarely regard "work" as their career. Li Feng, who really loves this industry, hopes to gain professional recognition and respect, and hopes to be regarded as a "construction machinery operator" rather than a "excavator"

the good driver activity is the first large-scale public welfare activity for grass-roots operators in the industry. Li Feng is very moved and has a sense of belonging, whether it is helping everyone to apply for certificates, making the "excavator" officially have the national recognized qualification certificate of "construction machinery operator", or collecting excellent deeds from the operator, disseminating positive energy in the industry, and improving the social status of the operator

diligent and struggling young people are good drivers and move forward bravely

coincidentally, there is also a "flying" student at the good driver Wuhan station, who is wan Pufang from Dalian, Liaoning Province. At the age of 23, he has been engaged in the construction machinery industry for more than two years. Now his main job is to dig tap water pipes and municipal projects, or to work for others. However, in order to participate in the Wuhan good driver activity, Wan Pufang specially flew over from Dalian. He paid more than 3000 round-trip tickets by himself and took a 4-day leave

asked him, "is it worth taking the time, work and money to come all the way to participate in the activities of a good driver?" His answer is: very worth it

as a young man, Wan Pufang felt that he had little opportunity to communicate with his peers when dealing with machines and pipelines every day. He would have an inexplicable sense of loneliness if he did not know the outside situation. In order not to leave this industry circle, he often communicated with his peers. After hearing about the good driver activity of Shandong Lingong, he thought that this activity to help everyone get the qualification certificate was of great help to him. For operators, the operation certificate is a need and a guarantee, which is of great significance to their work. Taking part in good driver activities can not only broaden their horizons and improve their skills, but also make more friends, exchange information and increase their knowledge. Therefore, he believes that taking part in good driver activities is particularly worthwhile

in fact, in the six-year good driver activity, many such persistent good driver students have emerged. They pursue inner perfection in ordinary life and emit ideal light on busy construction sites. They are deeply attracted by the good driver activity. They hope to take this opportunity to communicate with everyone, meet their inner demands and complete their dreams, so they come "flying" at any cost and with heavy travel, Join this activity in person and become a really good driver. At the same time, I made a crazy call for good drivers in Shandong temporary work, praising the upgrading of temporary work education and the continuous pursuit of social welfare

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