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Lovol Arbos agricultural clothing sings the new year's best-selling drama

the year is renewed, and the golden monkey heralds good news. In the headquarters of Lovol heavy industry in Weifang, Shandong Province, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment quickly set off a peak of hot sales after the Spring Festival, successfully opening the curtain of the year's marketing work

cooperative users check Lovol straw square baler

cooperative came to buy machines during the Lantern Festival

on February 22, it was the Lantern Festival. 17 guests from Jiangsu traveled thousands of miles to Lovol heavy industry to visit and investigate. It is understood that they are all heads of professional cooperative cooperatives with more than 2000 mu of cultivated land, family farmers, and large grain growers, and are typical representatives of large-scale agricultural operators

"I have almost studied Lovol dryer this morning. There are many slots, good materials, accurate moisture measurement, and I can't make a mistake buying it!" A chairman of the cooperative said happily after signing the subscription agreement

in the Lovol heavy industry leading product exhibition area, customers gathered around the Lovol grain dryer to ask questions. Through the staff's detailed introduction and on-site observation, these 17 large agricultural machinery manufacturers ordered 18 Lovol Ceres rice machines, 12 Lovol grain dryers and 2 Lovol high-power tractors on the spot

cooperative users board Lovol high-power tractors

spring ploughing is coming. Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment business focuses on user needs to carry out marketing and product quality improvement. It is reported that in order to better enable users everywhere to experience Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment products at home for the first time, dealers everywhere are comprehensively organizing customer product experience activities

Liu Qingguo, general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment marketing company, said when communicating with visiting users: "providing you with the most reliable and highest return products in time is the focus of our current work. Please actively participate in our Lovol experience activities and choose Lovol products with confidence."

provide a comfortable user experience

"I have been paying attention to Lovol Ceres GE70 harvester for a period of time. Through today's understanding, I feel that the operation of this product is more energy-saving, the resistance to environmental stress cracking is improved, all parts are strengthened, and the overall feeling is stronger!"

in recent days, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment has held large-scale customer experience activities in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, Handan, Hebei, Zhumadian, Henan and other places. The local agricultural machinery cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households and potential customers who took the initiative to participate in the meeting were in an endless stream. A large number of products such as Lovol Ceres GE70 grain combine harvester, Lovol leopard large and medium horsepower tractor and Lovol agricultural machinery and tools appeared together, with unprecedented preferential activities and abundant supply

Lovol Ceres GE70 has become the focus of attention of cooperative users

in Hebei Handan Yongsheng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., new and old users who came to participate in the experience activities paid special attention to Lovol Ceres GE70 grain combine harvester newly launched by Lovol heavy industry. Handan area has many cross region robots and high level, and the performance requirements of harvesters are also to keep improving. What new technologies are used in new products and what improvements are implemented are the focus of these professional users

Lovol Ceres GE70 grain combine harvester is the most "attractive" product on the market at present. It is understood that the biggest feature of this product is clean cleaning, wide adaptability and multi-purpose, especially in the threshing and cleaning system and grain unloading assembly, which have been structurally upgraded and strengthened, greatly improving the reliability and work efficiency of the whole machine. Since the end of last year, trucks of Lovol Ceres GE70 harvesters have been transported to wheat producing areas across the country, which has become a scene on many highways

Wang Yurong, executive deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industries and general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, said that in addition to providing users with first-class products, the company will continue to give play to Lovol's leading edge in information services and continue to bring users a pleasant comprehensive user experience

upgraded products fully adapt to the market

"in the face of the agricultural machinery market where opportunities and challenges coexist, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment has been fully prepared. In 2016, we will provide customers with different needs with new medium and high-end products." Wangyurong told the author

Lovol heavy industries, as a leading backbone enterprise in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, has been leading the industry for many years in the domestic harvesting machinery, tractors and other markets, and has led the development of the industry through its own continuous "product innovation" and "business model innovation"

the new functions and features of Lovol Ceres GE70 harvester have been focused on.

in the face of the current situation of high saturation in the low-end market of agricultural machinery, low saturation in the medium and high-end market, and rising demand for agricultural machinery, Lovol heavy industry has never relaxed its pursuit of innovation and technology in recent years. Through strategic layout of global resources, Lovol integrates international high-end human and technological resources, During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the company accelerated the pace of scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading in accordance with the "implementation plan of Shandong Province to promote the industry to resolve excess capacity and achieve poverty relief and development". In the process of realizing the company's globalization strategy, the company's scientific and technological innovation system clarifies the product planning, accelerates the breakthrough of core technology and quality, continuously improves the design quality and product reliability, and finally realizes the transformation and upgrading of the company's products to medium and high-end

insiders believe that because of strong innovation resources and innovation, Lovol heavy industry can always understand the needs of users at the first time, and through the transformation of technical achievements, become users to provide efficient and reliable products and services, and become the only company in China that can provide land consolidation, tillage, seeding, field management, harvest It is an independent brand of agricultural mechanization solutions for straw treatment and grain drying

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