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Aishe technology helps enterprises save energy from filling the "small black hole of burning money"

at the National People's Congress meeting on March 5, Premier Wen Jiabao mentioned in his government work report when reviewing the national economic and social development during the Eleventh Five Year Plan Period: over the past five years, we have vigorously promoted economic restructuring and improved the quality and efficiency of economic growth. First, accelerate industrial restructuring and independent innovation. Second, we will make solid progress in energy conservation and emission reduction, ecological construction and environmental protection. Third, promote the coordinated development of regional economy

this is the word "energy conservation and emission reduction" appearing again in the government work report, but it is the first time that it has been mentioned at the same level as industrial structure adjustment and independent innovation. Such a change has to arouse the attention and self-examination of energy consuming enterprises and energy-saving service industry: while financing to expand reproduction and relying on publicity to occupy the market to make profits, has the enterprise effectively avoided all kinds of money burning behaviors, either overt or covert, large or small, in the production management process itself

habits become natural, and waste becomes a matter of course.

when the test bench rises, there are two kinds of conscious and unconscious money burning. Take the compressed air system commonly used in the manufacturing industry as an example. Aircraft manufacturing has the whole assembly process. Air gun bullets are often used to drive rivets into the chassis for structural materials. In hot summer, workers in the assembly workshop sometimes blow themselves with small flow air guns to resist the extreme heat. Such nonstandard operations are easy to be found by managers, and can be effectively avoided by formulating enterprise regulations and strengthening supervision and management, so as to reduce waste and losses

at the same time, the small black hole of burning money ignored by enterprise managers and employees is widespread. All kinds of countless inconspicuous, over the years will cause huge waste. Similarly, take the compressed air system in the manufacturing industry as an example. In general compressed air pipeline, a leak hole with a diameter of 1mm leaks 68l of compressed air in one minute, wasting 3525kwh of electricity every year, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a family of three for two years. It is understood that there are about 10000 such leakage points in an automobile manufacturing workshop that has not been thoroughly leak tested, that is, the waste caused by a 1mm leak hole in an automobile manufacturing workshop in one minute can supply the power demand of 20000 families of three! Air compressors are widely used in the automotive industry, tire hubs, textile and chemical fiber industries. Due to the load mismatch of air compressors and end leakage, great waste of energy is caused

in this way, many enterprises' unintentional inaction is equivalent to issuing a pass for such money burning behavior and acquiescing in the existence of waste. In fact, enterprise managers have already had many ways to improve, and the innocence of the ignorant should not be the reason

change their ideas and choose to spend money to save money

in view of this market gap, many enterprises began to focus on the energy conservation of industrial production. EMS grivory said that with the support and preferential policies of the state, they should rapidly develop energy-saving technologies, research and develop energy-saving products, and seek profit points in helping enterprises save money. People of insight among enterprise managers also reexamine the shortcomings and loopholes in the production process by pretending to be energy-saving service enterprises, and choose to cooperate with energy-saving service enterprises for energy-saving transformation in order to save money for a long time

at present, the common energy-saving transformation directions mainly include the frequency conversion technology transformation of fans and pumps, the recovery and utilization of waste heat and residual pressure, and so on. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the energy-saving transformation of large-scale fan, water pump and other motor driven equipment has been fruitful. In the 12th Five Year Plan, the energy-saving and emission reduction goals faced by the state and enterprises need to rely on deepening the economy. Our company said that you can rest assured that you can be aware of it and look for new energy-saving breakthrough directions and focus

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the energy conservation of compressed air has not attracted enough attention, making it one of the priority directions of energy conservation and emission reduction during the Twelfth Five Year Plan period. Compressed air is one of the media frequently used in industrial production. According to the different process conditions and needs of various industries, the energy consumption accounts for about% of the whole industrial production. At present, aishe technology has launched the air compressor energy-saving monitoring system for compressed air energy saving, and the energy-saving reconstruction projects that have been implemented can be made as follows: 15. The fixation method of moving beam: manual bolt fixation or hydraulic automatic bolt fixation. The manufacturer can fix 30%, It has caused certain repercussions in the market

of course, in order to quickly promote the development of energy-saving technology and promote the process of national energy conservation and emission reduction, the majority of enterprise managers need the awareness of progress and strong support. The unchanging enterprise management mode will only lead to the gradual separation of enterprises from rapid development and high profits. Therefore, enterprise managers should pay more attention to enterprise production, appropriately change their ideas, and appropriately choose today's energy-saving investment for the return of enterprises tomorrow

if you are poor, you will want to change. If you change, you will be flexible. If you are general, you will reach. It is quite appropriate to use this sentence to point out the self-examination and energy-saving thinking of industrial enterprises. The transformation of efficient money, from spending money to fill all kinds of money burning black hole began

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