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AI Luhua will exhibit robot loading system in CIMES 2010. AI Luhua will exhibit its main product EROWA robot loading system at the 10th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMES 2010, June 12-16, Beijing New China International Exhibition Center)

according to the company, EROWA robot has realized production automation, so that the nights and weekends when no one goes to work are converted into actual processing time, and the output is also doubled. At the same time, it reduces the quality problems caused by human factors and better ensures that the products need to comprehensively implement the quality of efficient wall and roof insulation materials in civil and public buildings. The EROWA compact robot on display this time is one of the middle and high-end automation solutions that EROWA can provide, which is suitable for highly autonomous processing and flexible production

Er will run to the end. OWA will also display its representative rapid positioning and clamping system, preset measurement system and work management system software. First of all, it should be affirmed that in EROWA rapid positioning and clamping system, with the world patented tooling positioning element, the perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity ensures the repeated positioning accuracy of workpiece tooling to 2 microns, controls the cumulative error from the source, greatly reduces the downtime of machine tools, and effectively improves the utilization rate of equipment

erowa products can be used in the manufacturing of various machine tools and molds, as well as the production of products in the fields of electronics, automobile, tabulation, medical technology, aerospace and cutting tools

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