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The "Japanese Institute of silk insect agricultural technology" carried out the "development and Research on silk fibrogenesis and packaging silk paper". Their fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping films based on silk have indeed achieved certain results. They take the lower cocoon or waste silk that cannot be reeled as raw materials, through the processes of cocoon boiling and cocoon reduction, and then manually expand the cocoon layer into silk shape, and then cut off the silk fiber after careful beating to make the silk pulp equivalent to paper-making raw materials, mix it with the special regenerated cellulose, and make a composite fresh-keeping film of silk and regenerated cellulose according to the processing and paper (Japanese paper). This kind of fresh-keeping material is characterized by high strength and tensile resistance. It can effectively maintain the freshness of agricultural products by absorbing and releasing moisture of fruits and vegetables and adjusting environmental humidity. According to the test of their fresh-keeping effect, the peeled potatoes were packed with silk and regenerated cellulose composite materials and placed in the room with a temperature of 25 ℃ and a humidity of 21%. In addition, another part of Ma Ling introduced UL's performance material solutions and UL the wercs' brand-new service potatoes to customers in detail in the cold storage with a temperature of 3-4 ℃ and a humidity of 80-90%, and compared with the two test areas without packaging and newspaper packaging. After 3 days, the potatoes in the non packaging area of Maling were completely blackened domestically. In the newspaper packaging test area, the potatoes began to blacken after 6 days, while in the packaging area with silk and regenerated cellulose composite materials, the degree of blackening was very small. Even after 10 days, no blackening and deterioration of potatoes were found, which had the same effect as storage in cold storage. The results showed that in order to achieve the best preservation of fruits and vegetables in recent years, the oxidation of products must be eliminated and appropriate moisture must be maintained. Packed with silk and regenerated cellulose composite materials, it has good heat preservation in dry environment, and can inhibit the evaporation of water in fruits and vegetables without drying. In the wet environment, the composite of silk and regenerated fiber can keep the product properly wet and will not cause too much moisture, so that the fruits and vegetables can reach the best state of neither drying nor rotting

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