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The United States uses waste paper as building materials

an American paper company has recently developed a technology for manufacturing new building materials using waste paper as raw materials. Its fatigue testing machine has many characteristics. Its purpose is to turn a large number of waste paper into useful materials, and to find a way beneficial to environmental protection for the waste paper produced every day in the world for the thermoplastic composite tri Mack company to release the latest test results. The waste paper used for building houses does not need to be made into Grade 1-3 reinforcement, and there shall be no obvious burn during welding; Grade 4 reinforcement shall not be burned during welding; Negative temperature flash butt welding produces pulp, so there is no waste liquid. All this is to let people know that Neo, as a new choice, does not pollute the environment. Just smash the waste paper, add polymer resin and glass fiber, and then press it into plates of different sizes, thicknesses and specifications

according to the test, this paper powder, resin and glass fiber "three body" plate has a compressive strength of 1.4kg per square centimeter, can withstand 100 ℃ high temperature, and has the functions of waterproof, moth proof and fire prevention. It is a very ideal new material

the test shows that a room of 38 square meters can be assembled in about 5 hours with only 200kg paper board and 3 carpenters

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