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User liuzhaofeng: Lovol rotary drilling rig is the first choice

user liuzhaofeng: Lovol rotary drilling rig is the first choice

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Guide: when asked about Liu fanghongqiang's impression of Lovol drilling rig, he always said without hesitation: the greatest advantage of Lovol drilling rig is its high efficiency and good quality. Liu Zhaofeng, born in the late 1970s, In just 2 years, it has developed from only 1 rotary drilling rig to 3 drilling rigs including Lovol fr630d. Lovol drilling rig has

when asked about Liu Zhaofeng's impression of Lovol drilling rig, he always said without hesitation: "the greatest advantage of Lovol drilling rig is its high efficiency and good quality." Liu Zhaofeng, born in the late 1970s, has developed from only one rotary drilling rig to three drilling rigs including Lovol fr630d in just two years. Lovol drilling rig has become the right hand of Liu Zhaofeng's career development. Liuzhaofeng said, "in the three years I have been engaged in this industry, the money I have earned is definitely due to Lovol drilling rig. "

liuzhaofeng, a native of Guizhou, made his fortune by contracting small coal mines. However, with the regulation of national policies, small coal mines were forced to close down. His long-term work experience has enabled him to accumulate keen observation. He found that the rotary drilling rig industry has a bright future, so he took the opportunity to make a decisive transformation. Koizumi said: "Now he is still learning how to tell a story well. After a lot of field visits and comparisons, liuzhaofeng purchased a Lovol fr630d rotary drilling rig in early 2011. With his local contacts, liuzhaofeng's Lovol drilling rig has contracted many real estate projects in Guizhou. The favorable weather, favorable people and the excellent performance of Lovol drilling rig have made boss Liu a profit of more than one million yuan in half a year.

user liuzhaofeng: Lovol rotary drilling rig is First choice

Liu Zhaofeng didn't know Lovol rotary drilling rig very well at the beginning. The main reason why he finally decided to buy Lovol rotary drilling rig was that he witnessed the excellent performance of Lovol fr630d rotary drilling rig. The geological landform of the construction site in Hongguo town is complex. The requirements for the construction of the project are that the pile depth is 30m and the pile diameter is 1.5m, which poses a severe test on the performance of the rotary drilling rig. After comparison, the rotary drilling rig of other brands can form two dry holes a day, while Lovol fr630d can form three dry holes a day. Its advantages are obvious. This makes liuzhaofeng make a firm decision to purchase Lovol fr630d drilling rig. According to the geological conditions in Guizhou, Lovol designer specially designed the power assembly system and BHA for liuzhaofeng's fr630d rotary drill, which improved the rock entry efficiency by more than 20%. Liuzhaofeng's machine can drill four holes a day, which is much faster than other brands. He was happy

due to the tight schedule requirements, liuzhaofeng's drilling rig needs to work day and night. Under the highly tense construction conditions, some problems will inevitably occur if the rotary drilling rig is not maintained in time. In June of 2012, when the drilling rig was overhauled and maintained before construction, liuzhaofeng immediately contacted Lovol after-sales service personnel and explained the emergency situation to them. After understanding the situation, Lovol service team rushed to the scene as soon as possible to deal with the problem. Liuzhaofeng said excitedly, "if the construction period is delayed, my drilling rig will be cleared off the site by the engineering party, and the loss is unimaginable. Thank you so much for your sincere service to the customer. I will buy Lovol rotary drilling rig again, and I will do what I say."

Lovol rotary drilling rig moved every customer with this most simple action. Liuzhaofeng also fulfilled his promise. At the beginning of 2013, liuzhaofeng contracted the Guizhou Hongguo Development Zone project. The project is large in scale and requires tens of thousands of photo piles of several common special engineering plastics. One rig is far from meeting the demand. In April, liuzhaofeng purchased two Lovol fr630d rigs at one time, Become a loyal user of Lovol rotary drilling rig

the excellent quality of Lovol drilling rig has been absolutely recognized by liuzhaofeng. Liu Zhaofeng always said that "Lovol rotary drilling rig is the first choice" to friends who want to buy drilling rigs and how to maintain the technical indicators of Jinan gold testing tensile testing machine

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