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There is no need to wait for an opportunity to use RFID

rfid applications are heating up in China, and visual supply chain management is the leader of this round of application wave. It can increase the value of supply chain visualization and logistics system efficiency

in recent years, the application of RFID has been heating up in China, and visual supply chain management is the leader of this round of application wave. Driven and influenced by Wal Mart, best buy, Metro and other international retail giants, more and more enterprises began to consider the application of rfi2, measurement and control system, operating software and data processing system D technology to apply RFID to supply chain management, which improved the accuracy of query and inventory, accelerated the flow speed of delivery and receipt orders, reduced the error rate and enhanced the processing capacity, Helping enterprises to accelerate the improvement of the comprehensive properties of current composite materials will play a great role in promoting the logistics speed to broaden their use in aviation structures. At present, the application of RFID in the logistics industry has greatly improved the management efficiency and greatly reduced the cost. There is no doubt that RFID can add value in many aspects, such as improving the visualization of the supply chain and improving the efficiency of the logistics system. However, due to the relatively large investment in this technology at this stage, many enterprises are still waiting at a loss

rfid is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification, that is, radio frequency identification. It is often called inductive electronic chip or proximity card, inductive card, contactless card, electronic label, electronic bar code, etc. A complete RFID system that I suggest the user to select is composed of a reader and a transponder. Its action principle is that the reader transmits radio wave energy of a specific frequency to the transponder to drive the transponder circuit to send out the internal ID code. At this time, the reader will receive the ID code. The particularity of the transponder is that it is free from battery, contact and card swiping, so it is not afraid of dirt. Moreover, the chip password is the only one in the world that cannot be copied, with high security and long life. RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not need manual intervention, and can work in various harsh environments. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple tags at the same time, which is fast and convenient to operate

with the improvement of Wal Mart's technology management level, many of its partners are forced to make high technology investment to adapt to Wal Mart's modern supply chain management. Peacemark, a watch manufacturer, is one of Wal Mart's global partners. Peacemark is now using bar codes for logistics information management. Although the retail giant has not formally proposed the introduction of RFID to peacemark, the company has begun to formulate an RFID implementation plan. Tommy Leung, general manager of peacemark company, said: "although it is still expensive to invest in using RFID, it is inevitable to use RFID technology for logistics and supply chain management. RFID tags can record more data in a small space, and RFID electronic tags can be reused."

leung believes that applying RFID to warehouse management and inventory control can reduce inventory to a certain extent. However, it is undeniable that the introduction cost of RFID has always been the focus of many enterprises. Industry insiders believe that the use cost of RFID will decrease in the future. The main reasons include two points: first, the progress of technology will further reduce the use cost of RFID; Second, the number of businesses using RFID technology is increasing, and the scale effect will reduce the use cost of RFID technology. Take peacemark's products as an example. When the chronograph was just put on the market, the unit price of a stopwatch was about $100. With the improvement of production technology and the increase of production batch, the market price of a stopwatch is now about $1, as is the use of RFID technology

Thomasville, a famous American furniture manufacturer, is using RFID technology, which can help the company realize real-time tracking and real-time decision-making for goods transported in transit, and further improve the visualization of the logistics system. However, the growth of business volume has created new problems. In Thomasville's distribution system, only about 10% of the distribution subsidiaries have adopted this technology and have realized system docking with Thomasville. This makes Thomasville fall into a new thinking, whether it is necessary to apply RFID technology to the entire supply chain led by Thomasville

thomasville has begun to cooperate with Odin science and technology consulting company to demonstrate the feasibility of the implementation of the project. Patrick Sweeney, CEO of Odin, believes that some companies tend to take a wait-and-see attitude in the face of new technological innovations. However, a good technology or strategy often plays a positive role in promoting the growth of enterprises. RFID is such a technology

thomasville's company in charge of sales is using bar code technology. Some company personnel believe that it is unrealistic to completely replace bar code with electronic labels in the short term. Firstly, bar code technology still has a lot of space for the company's business at this stage, and secondly, RFID has too much one-time investment. However, Odin does not think so, because they believe that Dell's strategic choice also applies to Thomasville

when talking about Dell computers, I can't help thinking of Dell direct sales and JIT. Dell's JIT puts forward higher and higher requirements for the coordination of various links. Any disconnection of any link may lead to the paralysis of the whole production line and even the whole production process. How to manage and accurately find the parts (raw materials) with complex specifications and deliver them to the production line in time is not only a problem for manufacturers of complex equipment, but also a problem for all enterprises using assembly line operation speed accuracy. With the help of RFID technology, the automation of inventory management can be realized. Not only is the position of the parts clear at a glance, but also the quantity is under control - when the inventory level at any place drops below the set value, the system will automatically issue a replenishment instruction. The inability to accurately find some parts and deliver them to the production line in time has become the production "bottleneck" of Dell Xiamen assembly plant. Although the traditional bar code can also help to improve this situation, and the cost is much smaller, Dell has adopted the RFID tracking system of the EMS company (escort memory services), which not only successfully solves this problem, but also gives Dell a more powerful tool - to write new information into the RFID tag at any time during the assembly process, so as to make it possible for customers to understand the production process of the ordered products in real time, While improving the customized production capacity of Dell computers, the customization cost is significantly reduced

HP started to discover that RFID is very helpful to us in the actual manufacturing process. RFID can ensure that they use the correct components in manufacturing. Under the company's existing system, HP employees need to scan the WIP on the production line, and then scan the components to determine whether the two are consistent. After adopting RFID tag, the correctness of selected components is automatically ensured by verifying the serial code of components. HP also actively participates in smart and secure trade channels, This is "9.11 "A project created after the incident to ensure the security of cargo containers entering the United States. The project uses active RFID technology to provide real-time visibility of the status, location and security of containers entering the port.

the initial investment in the technology is often large, but the great efforts of Dell and Huipu will indeed bring new thinking. The use of RFID technology can further improve the efficiency of the enterprise's logistics system, whether in inventory Control or business process management, RFID technology will bring new benefits

of course, Thomasville is not alone. The cooperation with Odin marks that Thomasville has launched the RFID technology implementation project. Odin emphasizes the importance of reasonable planning in project operation. Odin will help Thomasville evaluate the benefits of implementing the project, and make systematic planning for each step of the implementation of the project. After that, they will cooperate with Unisys to support the construction of RFID network

unisys is a world-famous information technology service and solution provider. With rich experience in consulting, system integration, outsourcing services, infrastructure and service technology, Unisys helps customers in more than 100 countries and regions to improve their competitiveness faster and efficiently with thoughtful planning and rigorous execution ability. Peter regen, vice president of the company, stressed that RFID is a core technology being applied by the company in order to obtain a higher degree of supply chain visualization, which is very important for improving efficiency and reducing inventory

thomasville RFID technology implementation project is jointly completed by Thomasville, Odin and Unisys. One of the implementation objectives of the project is to keep the initial low investment. In addition, it is also necessary to try to avoid repeated construction. RFID technology can help Thomasville to realize the automatic management of the distribution center. The loading and unloading equipment with labels in the distribution center operates back and forth within the allowable range of radio frequency. With the increasing use of RFID, information collection can be expanded from the working area of the distribution center to the manufacturing workshop of the enterprise, increasing the utilization efficiency of electronic labels. This also allows Thomasville to use electronic labels in advance during the operation, and to track goods in real time when passing through various distribution nodes. On the one hand, the use of this technology has changed the working mode of repeatedly using the bar code printer to make bar codes and the scanner to scan bar codes; On the other hand, it greatly improves the work efficiency of the distribution center

it is conceivable how much Thomasville's work efficiency can be improved after RFID technology is fully applied to Thomasville's production operations and process management three years later. At the same time, RFID technology can also help the company complete the corresponding supply chain system information integration, and further improve the information visualization of the entire supply chain

however, the preparation for the implementation of RFID technology needs to be carried out in an orderly manner. This puts forward new requirements for Thomasville's current management mode. The implementation of RFID technology must first achieve full participation. The status of the enterprise organization, the departments and personnel of the organization affected by RFID, and various information management systems that have been put into use will have an impact on the implementation of RFID technology. This requires the company to accept this new technology and be willing to use it for company management. The implementation of RFID technology also requires the cooperation of various facilities and equipment. For example, some air conditioners may affect the reception of RF signals during use; Electronic noise in a specific range will also interfere with the identification of RF signals. Thomasville's furniture transportation packaging is often packed in hard paper boxes, which will also affect the use of Thomasville technology. It can be seen that using RFID in the supply chain field is a relatively complex system engineering. Users need to do a lot of work in application mode, business process reorganization and transformation, software and hardware technology implementation, etc

of course, Thomasville will prove the benefits of adopting RFID technology with facts. Some experts believe that in order to improve the efficiency of logistics supply chain management, it is necessary to make the members of the supply chain timely obtain the operation information of other members and business links, and the lack of information sharing will lead to the rupture and low efficiency of the supply chain. Advanced RF technology information

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