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Hunan user: ten years ago, I recognized the Shantui brand. Hunan user: ten years ago, I recognized the Shantui brand. China Construction machinery information. The "customer care" service inspection team of Shantui entered Shaoyang City in the southwest of Hunan Province and came to longhui County, an industrial company. The company has a driving school. It is one of the largest and only two national comprehensive first-class driving schools in Shaoyang City

under the leadership of the person in charge of the construction site, members of the Shantui service team came to the reconstruction and expansion site of the driving school to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the complete machine of the six Shantui equipment and the air conditioning system. When checking the sd16 bulldozer, the operator reported the problems of the whole machine to the team members. When the sd16 bulldozer retreated, it sometimes did not turn. The team members immediately repaired the equipment, adjusted the left and right brakes, and the test run was normal after the maintenance

after visiting the group for on-site maintenance, the group explained in detail the adjustment steps of the brake, the precautions for equipment operation and maintenance knowledge to the equipment operators. Boss Liao of the construction site said to the service personnel of Shantui: "I am an old customer of Shantui. I bought your first car, sd13 bulldozer, 10 years ago. At that time, I was driving it myself. In those years of use, apart from routine maintenance, I didn't change anything or repair anything. I highly recognized your service and equipment. Since then, I have recognized your brand. Later, I purchased two bulldozers, two rollers and a loader. I have also done road construction before Many people who are mainly engaged in driving schools know such an experimental phenomenon: the extension and reconstruction in the process of using the tensile testing machine. I hope your products are getting better and better, my business is getting better and better, my project is getting bigger and bigger, and then I will buy your products. "

then, the visiting staff of Shantui service introduced the online "prize taking" activity synchronized with the "customer care" activity to boss Liao, and presented the gifts carefully prepared by Shantui. Liaolao fixture is a combination of these structures. The structures of these fixtures have their own advantages and disadvantages. They enthusiastically sent the visiting team members away from the construction site

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