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After using tripolar stop children's facial machine and household radio frequency electronic beauty instrument for three months, I evaluated the feeling of using it for one month: it seems that the quality is very good. I have used it twice. After using it, I feel that the skin is a little warm. If necessary, I need to straighten the puffy feeling. The effect needs to be used continuously. A thin layer of gel will do. This achievement will help to develop portable small dialysis devices. At first, I was worried that one bottle was not enough. Now I feel it is very durable. It is different from the kind of gel that beauty salons need to apply a thick layer. " Wangwanjie said that he also received the gift handbag, which was not bad

evaluation after three months of use: Click to view

product parameters:

Product Name: tripolar pink

power supply method: plug charging

brand: tripolar

middle crossbeam and workbench should be often coated with anti rust oil

model: pink

intelligent type: other intelligent

color classification: pink

gear: third gear

function: other/other

whether it vibrates: no

applicable scenario: household

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