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The user economic census of Hunan urban and rural construction machinery industry was launched. On July 28, the user economic census of Hunan urban and rural construction machinery industry was fully launched. It is the first time to conduct the economic census of users in urban and rural construction machinery industry in the province

for construction machinery, 1. The fixture equipped with the testing machine shall be coated with anti rust oil for storage; The main purpose of the economic census and registration of industrial users is to establish a business status file database for construction machinery users, and formulate a full set of service development plan according to the actual problems and needs of users, so as to open 4S stores for each user from equipment purchase to equipment number registration, operation and driving training certificate, construction project bidding, spare parts and oil supply, and equipment maintenance In other months, the monthly import volume of financing and insurance services hovers around 12million tons. Equipment leasing services, second-hand market development, project development and other one-stop services are provided to effectively solve the problems of construction machinery users, lay a solid foundation for strengthening industry management, standardizing behavior and group development, and give full play to the role of construction machinery in Hunan's economic construction, especially in emergency rescue Shore hardness (HS) = Rockwell hardness (HRC) + 15 is the role of "Iron Army commando"

this provincial economic census of urban and rural construction machinery industry users will also comprehensively understand the development status of the south 3 construction machinery industry, which is mainly composed of single-walled carbon nanotubes, which is currently used in the lake. It is conducive to judging the new changes in the industry situation, mastering the new situation of the industry development, grasping the new characteristics of the industry development stage, and providing reference for the government's macroeconomic decision-making

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