Why should dealers maintain a good relationship wi

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As a community of interests, it is very important for dealers and door and window manufacturers to keep information unblocked. However, some dealers only regard door and window manufacturers as suppliers, and the company's channel policies, promotional activities, personnel training and brand publicity are all filtered out

why should dealers maintain a good relationship with door and window manufacturers

as the saying goes, there may be some dealers who think: what does anything the door and window manufacturers do have to do with the dealers? But dealers with such ideas are very wrong. It is precisely this idea that makes some dealers' business, no matter how big, have a poor reputation

dealers with their own ability can operate several stores in the region, but one person's ability is always limited. When they can't carry several stores, door and window manufacturers can give dealers great help in policy. If the dealer insists on carrying it by himself, it may be able to make up for the decline in profits of existing products for a moment. But in the long run, there will always be times when they can't hold on. At that time, such dealers may die a little wronged. Like a person who fell into a well, he could get a rope by shouting "help", but he insisted on digging a ladder on the wall by himself. He had no strength to climb halfway, and finally he could not escape the fate of sinking

as a rational dealer, he will not let himself fall into difficulties in business. What is more rational is that he will rely on the assistance of door and window manufacturers to earn the maximum income in the easiest way





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