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The road of life will not be plain sailing, and the journey of career is also full of rugged difficulties. Only through struggle, only through hard work, can we reach the other side of success


this year coincides with the 15th anniversary of the founding of Ashley wardrobe. In order to reflect the company's corporate culture and share the story behind the family, the company launched a special theme activity in August

-- friends of the family of Iraq

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author | Xiao Yi Liao Yuhua

picture | Xiao Yi

the road of life will not be smooth, and the journey of career is also full of bumps and dangers. Only through struggle, only through hard work, can we reach the other side of success

-- Liao Yuhua

the weather in Guangzhou is quite unstable these days. The sky is cloudy in the morning, and it rains in the afternoon, which is still the kind of downpour

just after the rain, I came to the store of yishili wardrobe Wuzhou decoration city. Because it was a working day, the mall looked a little clean

I was tidying up my wet umbrella at the door of the store. Maybe due to work habits, she obviously noticed someone coming at the door. She immediately put down her work, stood up neatly, sorted out her clothes, and came to me

work Photo 3 years ago

coming to me is a middle-sized eldest sister, her name is liaoyuhua, from Jiangxi, who has been a store manager in this Wuzhou franchise store for five years. After I indicated my intention, she politely invited me to sit down and asked me what drink I needed, and then walked quickly to the tea room to prepare a cup of hot milk tea for me

in the tea room of Wuzhou franchise store, I learned from a chat that the job of the store manager is not so easy. She is responsible for the daily management of the store, customer reception, on-site measurement and drawing, customer order tracking, and after-sales service. She is involved in what the store should do. She also does what others do, and she also does what others don't do, She joked that she was just "the oldest handyman in the store"

clean the storefront

God rewards diligence to accumulate experience in mistakes

once you step into the door of Ashley's five continents exclusive store, you will obviously see a dazzling array of honors in Ashley's wardrobe on the cabinet. In addition, there is a wood carving that is particularly eye-catching, with four big characters engraved on it - God rewards diligence, which also confirms the growth path of sister Liao in Ashley's wardrobe

In April 2011, sister Liao accidentally entered Easley company, which was also one of the important decisions in her life. Sister Liao recalled that when she contacted her first client, her hands were shaking. At that time, she didn't even know how to sign the bill. It was like a piece of white paper, waiting for time to draw gorgeous patterns

she entered the company with a boy. At the beginning, there was a senior with rich experience to guide them, but they left after working for three days. At that time, there were only two novices left in the store

"For novices, you have to be brave enough to do it. Mistakes often happen. At the beginning, when communicating with the customer, you promised the customer that this can be done and that can be done, but when confirming the drawings, you said that you can't. the customer felt very disgusted and had the idea of chargeback. Later, you slowly explained to the customer, slowly selected the style that the customer likes, and then made modifications to give the customer a satisfactory conclusion Fruit, so growth needs a price, "said Sister Liao

on-site hand painting

"it was very difficult at the beginning, but in the process, it also polished its own excellent professional level. In addition, the boy, after studying in the company for two years, became a designer and left. Experience is accumulated from mistakes, otherwise you can't know where it is wrong without trying anything."

God rewards diligence. Sister Liao has worked hard to become a store manager. At the same time, the company has also given her a very excellent learning platform. There are tears and laughter along the way. In the most difficult time, she once thought of giving up. At that time, the company strengthened her faith to go on. The days have passed, and now she is also proud of the Ashley family

introduce Easley's plates to customers

service is the first impression of customers

before, a customer shared with sister Liao the reason why he chose Easley's wardrobe. This customer is a native of Guangzhou. That day, he wore an ordinary T-shirt with a pair of home pants and a pair of flip flops, which made him feel like a normal consumer

at the beginning, he went to a big brand a, and no one paid attention to him. He turned around for two times and no one greeted him. He felt that this store a was a big brand, but he lost confidence in this brand after receiving such service. Later, he went to a big brand B, and the girl who received him served very well. He also came to Easley, and was very impressed with sister Liao and the girl, so he customized his Yajule set of large houses, half for awesome Easley and half for brand B

the customer said: he felt that the quality of the two stores was the same. Why did he choose this way? It was because the service of the two stores was the same. What he wanted was the service, so he didn't just do it in one company. He felt that both were OK, so he divided it in half

the most respected award by consumers

no matter how good the advertisement is, it is not as good as the reputation of consumers

a few days ago, sister Liao went to a customer's home because the master came to install the cabinet that day. In fact, she didn't need to go to the scene, but after a period of pre-sales communication, sister Liao learned that the customer didn't understand this part. He may only know where the cabinet is, including where some empty seats are open, or whether the switch is installed on the top or below, so he didn't understand

at the scene, there was a problem in the plate, but it was also noticed by sister Liao, so he immediately solved this subtle problem, even if it did not affect the whole

the customer may not find this problem at the scene, but sister Liao also told the customer all the problems to be dealt with, treating the customer as his relatives. There are some obvious problems. Even if the customer doesn't pick and accept them, sister Liao can't pass her own test,

answer questions for customers during the interview

say: "think about yourself as a brand of Easley. In case a friend goes to the customer's home to see this cabinet, even if he originally wanted to be a cabinet of Easley, he would not do it when he saw this kind of edge banding. This is mainly if you consider the problem of corporate brand image. A good brand, word-of-mouth is the most important, and the best advertising is not as good as the word-of-mouth of consumers."

on sister Liao's work cabinet, there are customer information from various places, She was also very proud to say to me: "Ashley has really gained a very good reputation in the social industry, which is mainly attributed to the support of old customers for our brand. Old customers introduce new customers, and new customers recognize that Ashley has become an old customer. Such a virtuous cycle will make Ashley occupy a place in the first-line furniture brand."

customer information in various places

finally, sister Liao made her own view on the company: Ashley wardrobe is a brand with the highest cost performance in the whole customization industry. It can achieve the unity of furniture supporting colors and the style is suitable for all consumers. The biggest advantage is that it has reached the leading business level and become the most popular brand among consumers in all operation links such as R & D, design, production, sales, installation and service

in the first 15 years, the development of the company depends on word-of-mouth, integrity and quality, which makes the industry bigger and farther. 15 years is just the beginning. We look forward to the company's success in the next 15 years

cheer for the company

the honorary certificate obtained by Easley wardrobe

carefully design

sort out books

lead customers to experience products

sister Liao shares her little story with the team

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