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Hcft intelligent hardware industry chain conference was held in Shenzhen

mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Driven by policies, capital, technology, market and other reasons, the intelligent hardware industry has rapidly entered a year of outbreak after its infancy. However, behind the hustle and bustle of the hot situation, this is a competition to compete with their own strength. Questioning continues, and the road is bumpy. The healthy development of the intelligent hardware industry requires rationality and thinking, as well as innovation and collision

on November 27, 2015, the second hcft intelligent hardware industry chain conference, hosted by HC electronics and co organized by China electronics chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen IOT Intelligent Technology Application Association, was grandly opened at four seasons hotel in Shenzhen. This activity focuses on the most in-depth discussion in the field of intelligent hardware, and aims to cooperate with many well-known domestic and foreign original manufacturers, electronic component enterprises and intelligent hardware enterprises to realize cross-border interaction between the upstream and downstream of the industrial supply chain, and provide a platform for all-round communication, cooperation and win-win for the upstream and downstream enterprises of the intelligent hardware supply chain. On the same day, more than 1000 guests including government and industry association leaders, industry leaders, pioneer makers and enterprise manufacturer representatives gathered together to participate in the grand event

this hcft intelligent hardware industry chain conference consists of the main forum, brand event, theme sub forum and boutique exhibition area

on November 27, 2015, the second hcft intelligent hardware industry chain conference, hosted by HC electronics and co organized by China electronics chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen IOT Intelligent Technology Application Association, was grandly opened at four seasons hotel in Shenzhen

hardcore of the main forum said that senior hardcore from leading enterprises in the related fields of intelligent hardware industry at home and abroad were specially invited to deliver keynote speeches at the conference, including Haizhen, business manager of LETV information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. solution department, gaoxiaolong, manager of Freescale sensor deep marketing and market development, chenwenxin, manager of Lianfa Technology Co., Ltd. customer and product application department Tian Jiping, director of market and business development in Asia Pacific region of mouser electronics, and Liang Botao, JD crowdfunding, etc. they analyzed the current situation of intelligent hardware industry and supply chain 1 with wonderful speeches Estimate whether the stainless steel wire eye cavity is bright and clean, ecological innovation, transformation and development, as well as opportunities and challenges. Through on-site discussion of hot topics, exchange of views and ideas, and sharing experiences and lessons, participants seek common development

the industry continues to develop, transform, fission and restructure, and it is imperative to build an ecological industrial chain. Learning from the development experience of excellent enterprises is a powerful booster. The brand event supplies excellent products, and the win journey has created a Palace of honor for enterprises. After nearly two months of voting by millions of friends, expert evaluation and other tests, the conference selected the 2015 e-commerce Pioneer Award of the electronic industry, excellent component distributor, famous brand of electronic sensor ball screw drive, famous brand of electronic components, famous brand of semiconductor, best intelligent robot award of 2015 in the field of intelligent hardware, best intelligent digital health product award and best smart home award

liuxiaohong, general manager of Huicong electronics, the host of the second hcft intelligent hardware industry chain conference, said: we will build such a platform for everyone, focus on the intelligent hardware ecological chain, and go deep into multiple links of intelligent hardware products, connect the upstream and downstream through the supply chain relationship, break the supply chain dilemma of makers, integrate the industrial chain, and enable various fields to cooperate and communicate closely. It is hoped that leaders in various fields will become new forces for innovation and development in the intelligent hardware circle, and let us jointly create a new future combining intelligent hardware and Internet thinking

on November 28, the conference continued brilliantly. The round table forum was a face-to-face and zero distance discussion of how to restructure the intelligent hardware supply chain in the cold winter of capital by senior people from well-known enterprises such as Huawei, JD crowdfunding, smart cloud, Tencent IOT, iFLYTEK and Huicong. The theme sub forum, entrepreneurial stars, and seamless docking of resource workshops shared hot topics of more professional segmentation for guests

this conference was supported by mouserelectronics, smart cloud, Shandong Jingdao Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen jingkexin Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Rongliang Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Changting Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen kailiying Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xindao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen yinchuangsheng Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen Lianda Industry Co., Ltd. and Yirong and other enterprises' strong support

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