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HBL rigid foam polyurethane exterior wall insulation technology seminar was held in hongbaoli group company

on August 16, 2016, the 2016 Nanjing (Gaochun) building exterior wall insulation technology seminar (HBL rigid foam polyurethane plate) with the theme of "energy saving, green and low carbon life", especially the increasing shortage of fossil energy such as oil, was held in hongbaoli group company

the seminar was jointly sponsored by Nanjing survey and Design Industry Association and Nanjing wall material innovation and building energy efficiency industry association, and supported by Gaochun District Bureau of urban and rural development. The purpose is to build a communication platform for all parties in the construction industry, conduct technical discussions on HBL rigid polyurethane panels, and promote them to design units and real estate companies in Nanjing, so that HBL rigid polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials with excellent performance can be widely used in the market, and the common people in Nanjing can enjoy real benefits

at the meeting, Mr. Wang Guoping, member of the Standing Committee of Gaochun district Party committee, delivered a welcome speech. He fully affirmed the development of hongbaoli group in recent years, and spoke highly of the HBL rigid foam polyurethane insulation board launched by Nanjing hongbaoli new materials Co., Ltd., believing that the product conforms to the concept of green energy conservation, has stable insulation performance, and can meet the fire protection requirements at the same time. He said that the district government would continue to support and promote the green building products produced by hongbaoli

it is reported that hongbaoli has been engaged in the field of polyurethane for 30 years, has rich technical accumulation and precipitation, and has mastered the polyurethane technology applied to the high-end market of the refrigerator industry, which is also a strong guarantee for Nanjing new materials Co., Ltd. to make high-quality building insulation boards. HBL rigid foam polyurethane insulation board adopts heterocyclic polyol technology. Based on polyols with high branching degree, it introduces heat-resistant, flame-retardant, low smoke, low toxic cyclic structural compounds and phosphorus and nitrogen containing chain structures to modify its molecular structure and lead the innovation and development of the industry in technology

the insulation board has been used in Nanjing affordable housing since 2013, and has reached nearly 7million square meters. The product has been widely recognized in the application process, and has passed the third-party green building product certification and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development Kangju certification, which meets the requirements of the national green building and Kangju housing demonstration project. It is worth mentioning that the insurance can effectively improve the compatibility with resin. The product quality insurance of warm plate products is underwritten by the people's Insurance Company of China (PICC). In case of quality problems, in addition to the company's responsibility, PIC will bear the economic compensation to avoid unsafe accidents, which is tantamount to reassuring the construction unit

this meeting received extensive support from all walks of life in the construction industry, including Nanjing urban and Rural Development Commission, Nanjing construction engineering construction drawing design review management center, Nanjing building energy efficiency management carton buffer bag and bubble bag office, Gaochun district government relevant directors, Jiangsu architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Southeast University architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd More than 20 local well-known design units such as Nanjing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Yangtze River urban architectural design Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the meeting. Relevant principals of Landsea Group real estate and other large real estate developers came to the meeting site. The atmosphere of the seminar was warm, and the promotion achieved the expected results

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