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in the field of embedded industrial computing, the machine must be stopped after it stops. Strong processing capacity, stable performance and perfect heat dissipation seem to be a problem that is always difficult to balance. High CPU processing capacity will inevitably bring extraordinary heat, which will lead to system failure. Especially in the field of high-definition multimedia information playback, a large number of videos and audio require strong CPU processing power, and the elegant environment does not allow the noise of fan cooling


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the bis-6540hd recently launched by North China industrial control successfully resolved these problems. Bis-6540hd is a 1080p Full HD multimedia playback platform based on Intel Atom N270 processor. It adopts the ice fin shell with the registered trademark of North China industrial control, and the interior adopts an efficient copper tube heat dissipation design. It has a built-in ultra-low power avc/vc-1/mpeg-2 HD hardware decoder, which can decode the media content of H.264 and vc-1 in full HD in real time, with a speed of up to 40mbps and 125mbps when decoding MPEG-2 format. When the bis-6540 plays real 1080p Blu ray video, the power consumption of atom N270 is only 2.5W, and the CPU utilization is less than 50%. When playing video with the same content as Intel T7300 core 2 Duo processor, its efficiency is 8 times that of Intel T7300 core 2 Duo processor, and the power consumption of the system when running at full load is less than 20W

product advantages:

● compact and low-noise design

the product adopts the heat pipe heat conduction design without fan, and the body is the patented product ice fin shell of North China industrial control. The fin shaped shell is equipped with high-efficiency heat dissipation pipe. In addition, it makes the heat dissipation more uniform, and the heat dissipation can be more efficient to meet the requirements of elongation measurement; In addition, bis-6540hd has compact structure and small appearance size, which can be applied to all kinds of narrow spaces

● support VESA mount, easy to install with CRT or LCD devices

comply with VESA mount standards, have standard installation interface, hole mode, connection line position, can realize shelf function, support flexible installation and placement methods such as wall, display, desktop, DVI interface and VGA interface, and can connect various display devices. DVI and VGA can be used at the same time to achieve independent dual display

● support HD video playback

on-board low-power, high-performance Intel Atom N270 1.6g processor, with power consumption of only 2.5W, with Intel 945GSE high-speed chip, built-in high-performance hardware decoding chip (Mini PCI-E slot), support 1080p hardware decoding of h.264/avc, vc-1, MPEG-2, and can easily realize 1080p HD video playback

product features:

◆ it adopts a small and beautiful fanless ice fin shell

◆ built in embedded hardware decoding, supporting 1080p HD playback

◆ based on Intel 945gse+ ich7m chipset, on-board Intel Atom N270 processor

◆ 1 DDR Ⅱ SO-DIMM socket, up to 2GB DDR Ⅱ 400/5980.733mhz memory

◆ 2 com, 2 USB2.0, built-in CF socket, 2 SATA Ⅱ interfaces

.◆ support the installation method on the shelf, Easy to integrate with plasma and LCD equipment

bis-6540hd, as one of the masterpieces of North China industrial control ice wing series, has the dual advantages of high performance and low power consumption, and has excellent performance in the field of multimedia information broadcasting in chain stores, stations, buildings, banks and other places. At present, bis-6540hd has been tested by many parties and is available in batches. For more details, please click or contact the local sales staff of North China industrial control

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