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Beijing launches HD interactive TV this month

yesterday afternoon, it was learned from the "second launch conference of Beijing Satellite TV HD TV" that in order to cooperate with the launch of Beijing Satellite TV HD Channel on September 28, the pilot demonstration community plan of HD interactive digital TV application project will be launched from mid September, which means that before the national day, Beijing citizens with high-definition set-top boxes will take the lead in enjoying the new audio-visual feast brought by high-definition digital TV

according to Tian Fang, chief engineer of Beijing TV station, "compared with the traditional standard definition TV, HD TV has incomparable advantages. Not only the resolution is greatly improved, but also the frame ratio is adjusted to 16:9, which is more suitable for the human eye to watch. The color restoration is more realistic, the detailed performance is more abundant, and the performance is stable and reliable. At the same time, HD can also be 5.1 stereo in addition to dual channels, producing a richer surround effect."

HD interactive digital electricity, an operational factor that specifically affects shear strength: the promotion of machine vision, which is called a universal test, will be a habit change and a new experience for users. The interactive TV service integrating "e-government, public services and home multimedia services" provided by Gehua cable will provide nearly 10000 film and television dramas on demand, TV review of multiple channels, thousands of karaoke songs and various online interactive games to users and residents of the pilot demonstration community. In addition, the "window of the capital", "TV payment", "TV registration" "TV Newspaper" and other services will also enter the application stage

"in simple terms, it is to change from watching TV to using TV now." Wang Zhenhua, deputy general manager of Gehua cable, described it. Because interactive digital TV realizes two-way interaction, users can pause and return at any time to watch TV programs with the silk oil filter. The audience will also be more free to choose, and can pause, fast forward and rewind like a DVD. In addition, through the interactive function of TV, users can also complete daily payment and appointment registration of water and gas charges without leaving home

as a key project to benefit the people promoted by the government, HD interactive digital TV will make TV viewers feel a higher quality of audio-visual life, and build a richer platform for cultural communication and information services for citizens, society and the government

according to Wang Zhenhua, deputy general manager of Beijing Gehua cable, from September 18, HD interactive TV will be piloted first in selected communities located in Shijingshan and Chaoyang District, and then promoted. It is expected to reach 300000 users in the pilot demonstration community in Chengba district by the end of this year. It is also reported that from September 28, the initial content of Beijing Satellite TV HD Channel will cover programs, cultural brand columns, premiere TV dramas and all large-scale activities. Beijing Youth Daily

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