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HDPE bottle packaging will become the leading packaging form of fresh-keeping dairy products

in China's fresh-keeping dairy market a few years ago, the roof packaging of international paper industry occupied an absolute monopoly position in the dairy packaging industry, but in recent years, the use of roof packaging has shown a downward trend, replaced by HDP. Although PLA and PGA can be made into general-purpose degradable multi thread E-Plastic bottle products, Dairy products packaged in HDPE bottles will become a good development trend in the field of fresh-keeping dairy products in the future

hdpe plastic bottles are more versatile in label appearance and printing color, and the filling equipment of bottle shaped products is more versatile and adaptable. The same equipment can be applied to plastic bottles of different types, diameters and capacities, and bottle packaging gives products better sealing and safety. In contrast, the filling equipment of the roof packaging can only correspond to the roof packaging of the only caliber. The CST (5) 0 impact sample notch projector produced by Jinan assaying is designed by our company according to the requirements for impact sample notch in gb/t229-2007. The products stop halfway after mutual unloading, and the interchangeability and flexibility are poor

at present, in addition to the previous HDPE fresh milk cold chain bottle products launched by Danone, Guangming, Mengniu, Yili and Sanyuan have also followed up this market in time

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