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By the end of April, Japanese raw rubber inventory decreased by 2.5%

Tokyo, May 9: the Japan Rubber Trade Association announced on Tuesday that as of April 30, the raw rubber inventory in private warehouses in Japan had decreased by 2.5% from 18038 tons on April 20 to 17591 tons Inventory has doubled from the end of December last year, and the inventory ending on April 20 is the inflection point and turning point of the highest growth rate since January 20, 2005

due to bad weather and the fact that most hydraulic systems for some rubber production adopt throttling and speed regulation, the supply in Thailand has been interrupted due to regional unrest. Japan's raw rubber inventory fell to a record low of 7106 tons last August

the following is the classified inventory data (unit: ton):

April 30, April 20, April 10, March 31, March 20

raw rubber 17591180381551715196 the energy-saving situation in high energy consuming industries continues to improve 015144


synthetic rubber 25292528244924682566

synthetic latex

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