From small workshops to large workshops, Hongxin p

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From a small workshop to a large factory, Hongxin packaging carton factory understands the importance of quality and innovation

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core tip: Chenming Paper announced that Shouguang Meilun Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Meilun paper"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to jointly invest with Meixin investment (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Meixin investment" or "MTI") into a 190 material elevator joint venture Shouguang Meite Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, The joint construction of 150000 tons of light calcium carbonate project with an annual output led to the conclusion of many investments

[China Packaging News] Zhejiang Taizhou Xianju Hongxin packaging carton factory is located in the Innovation Industrial Park of Xiage town. It was established in April 2009, and has 45 employees to be confirmed. It mainly undertakes the batch printing and production of packaging cartons. Since 2017, it has produced more than 8 million packaging cartons every year, with an annual output value of more than 25 million yuan. From a small carton workshop to an enterprise with an annual output value of tens of millions, Hongxin packaging has always put product quality in the first place. In 2023, the PE deficit in India will reach 3.4 million tons. Adhering to the enterprise creed of "honest management", it has built a "high-quality enterprise" with the "quality thinking" of innovation, service and win-win results. In 2015, it was rated as "A-level contract abiding and trustworthy unit of Zhejiang industrial and commercial enterprises"

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