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From traditional automobile to intelligent United Automobile is a vigorous revolution

in recent years, with the rapid improvement of software algorithm, communication technology and hardware computing power, the research of artificial intelligence is experiencing a leap revolution. Among them, intelligent transportation is a very important part of the application of artificial intelligence, which is having a far-reaching impact on people's travel mode

even Apple CEO cook publicly admitted in a recent interview that apple is conducting research on driverless technology, and said, "autonomous driving is the matrix of almost all Apple's AI projects, and it is also the most difficult to overcome, but automation also makes Apple excited. In the future, we can see where it will lead us."

it can be seen that the smart car has become the general trend in the future, and the revolution of the whole automobile industry is going on

recently, Qin held a "seminar on intelligent vehicle system safety technology and intelligent transportation reform" in Beijing. Wang Hongming, Qin's marketing director, said that the development trend of smart cars is actually highly similar to the mobile Internet revolution triggered by intelligence

in recent decades, from a single function mobile communication tool, with the upgrading of mobile network bandwidth, the strengthening of hardware computing power, and the great enrichment of application software, it has gradually replaced the functions of MP3, card camera and other products, making intelligence a multifunctional personal digital terminal and Internet access

the same is true of the development of intelligent vehicles. With the leap of network, on-board computer and artificial intelligence, cars have been given new value from the original single function travel tool, and the future travel mode has been redefined. From manual driving, computer-assisted driving, and fully automatic driverless driving, artificial intelligence makes "driving" no longer necessary for car travel. In addition to providing a safer driving experience, it also greatly saves the driver's time and energy. In the future, cars may become mobile office and entertainment spaces and new entrances to innovative digital services

in fact, driverless driving is not far away from us. At the baidu AI developer conference just concluded last month, Robin Lee, the founder and chairman of Baidu, rushed to the venue in an driverless car to show off the "Apollo plan". On the other side of the ocean, Google, Tesla and other companies are also testing driverless technology

automobile industry chain in upheaval

with the transformation of the role of smart cars in the field of travel in the future, the shape of smart cars in the future will also change, which will lead to great changes in the whole automobile industry chain

the engine, gearbox and other components in the traditional automotive era will be phased out. Instead, in the era of intelligent vehicles, the entire automotive industry has begun to turn to clean energy based on electric energy, and focus on motors, electronic controls, battery systems, network transmission and interconnection applications

in the era of smart cars, an obvious feature is the entry of a large number of Internet technology enterprises, such as Baidu, Google, apple, etc. Technology companies that are good at combining artificial intelligence and deep learning are especially good at the application of driverless software algorithms, system UI, sensors and radars. Although they have entered the game late, they are different from the steady transition from assisted driving to driverless driving in traditional car enterprises. Internet enterprises directly enter full automatic driving to achieve overtaking in corners

the overwhelming force of technology companies has also accelerated the transformation of traditional enterprises to intelligent vehicles. BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota and other traditional automobile manufacturers have also launched vehicles equipped with driving assistance systems

with the overall transformation of the automotive industry, the industry chain structure of gb/t 1237 (2) 000 fastener marking method in the automotive industry has also changed with the advent of the era of Intelligent Vehicles:

the intelligent automotive industry chain can be divided into five layers, from top to bottom, followed by automotive manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, Internet technology companies Adas (advanced driver assistant systems) scientific research effectively analyzes the suppliers of poor scratch resistance of printed matter, low printing resistance of PS version, falling off of ink layer film and poor coating hardness of other products, as well as the suppliers of underlying parts. Manufacturers at all levels of the industrial chain are also experiencing a "reshuffle" due to the change in the demand for smart cars. In this emerging market, the sometimes looming vitality attracts a large number of fresh blood to enter the market, so that the overall industry presents a pattern of blooming flowers

accelerating change requires lubricants in the industrial chain

however, there is still a large technological gap between various industrial chains, especially between traditional car companies and Internet technology companies. Traditional automobile enterprises have accumulated for many years in the structural safety of automobiles. For ultra-light and ultra-thin non-woven fabrics that need to provide comfortable wearing, good ventilation and excellent barrier performance, they also have certain advantages in the mass production process and cost control of finished vehicles. And technology enterprises will focus on relying on their technological advantages in the field of automatic driving algorithm and human-computer interaction in artificial intelligence

how to combine the advantages of hardware production of automobile enterprises with the advantages of software research and development of science and technology enterprises? In the future, the software + hardware integrated system with high security and stability will inevitably become the most important core of the future automobile

at this seminar, Lingdong technology under Qin banner showed its own integrated system platform on the spot. Guo Anqi, marketing director and senior product manager of Lingdong, explained and analyzed the core advantages of the product. This intelligent vehicle integration system integrates all the underlying components, has a highly integrated on-board system, and can be customized to join the ADAS system according to the needs of the vehicle manufacturer and Tier1. It is used to solve the problem of safety and computational efficiency reduction caused by a large number of independent ECUs in traditional vehicles

today's intelligent vehicles need many independent electronic modules to complete from environmental perception, analysis and judgment to the final implementation operation, resulting in additional system levels and system interleaving points, which are more prone to system failures. Therefore, the integrated system that integrates the underlying components has become the general trend of development

traditional car companies are facing digital transformation, and need to rely on the advanced AI algorithm of technology manufacturers to empower; For Internet technology enterprises, especially start-ups, it is also urgent to put their innovative ideas into practice on products. In the fierce competition in the intelligent automobile industry, it is difficult for enterprises at any level to be dominant. Only by vertically connecting the industrial chains at all levels is the "optimal solution" to promote the upgrading of the entire industry

to open up the industrial chain level, we need a "lubricant" that is collective and can accelerate the integration of software and hardware<ε- CL can also be copolymerized with GA to make surgical suture/p>

Lingdong's integrated system platform, which can meet the above different operating environment needs and different safety requirements of software and hardware, promote the process of automobile towards intelligence, also create conditions for the organic integration of traditional automobile enterprises and technology interconnection, and promote the new technology from laboratory to mass production, from mass production to technology sinking, becoming the gospel of the travel market

in addition, the integrated ECU also solves the contradiction of "one fast and one slow" that the vehicle hardware update cycle is slow (year), but the on-board system is updated frequently (in weeks). Through a complete set of systems, the separation of automotive software and hardware can be realized. The software can iterate at a high speed through OTA, while the hardware can be replaced separately through modularization

it can be seen that the intelligent vehicle system integration manufacturers represented by Qin Lingdong, although they "don't build cars and don't subvert", provide complete ECU platform solutions for automotive practitioners, assume the identity of "lubricant", accelerate the transformation of the automotive industry to digitalization and intelligence, and are also an indispensable part of the industrial chain of intelligent United Automobile

at present, intelligent vehicles are still in the stage of assisted driving, and there is still a long way to go before the ultimate goal of fully autonomous driving. However, with the gradual maturity of technology at all levels of the automotive industry and the continuous lubrication between levels, it is believed that in the next 20 years, fully automatic driving will truly appear in our lives and completely change the way people travel

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