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Fujifilm will comprehensively raise the price of ink and other chemicals from September 1

Fujifilm (European region) announced that the price of Sericol and uvivid ink has been raised, and the price of ink for tobacco packaging, together with other relevant photosensitizers and chemicals, will increase from September 1

the company attributed the price increase to the sharp rise in raw material prices and energy consumption, and said that it had not experienced existing price fluctuations in the past 30 years

the price increases of different products and countries will also be different. The price of solvent based inks will increase by 5% - 15%, UV inks and flexographic inks will increase by 3% - 8%, and photosensitive solvents and chemical Brian stern products will increase by 8% - 15%

the price of chemicals used in offset printing has increased separately

Fujifilm said that no matter how difficult the business environment is, Fujifilm's clamping force will be reduced, and it is still committed to reducing other impacts as much as possible by operating the entire supply chain, and providing customers with cutting-edge technologies and solutions to help customers gain an advantage in the competition

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