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Turning crisis into opportunity, from the outbreak of video conference to see the opportunity of enterprise digital transformation

an epidemic has hit the traditional enterprises dominated by offline mode. At ordinary times, the operation efficiency and speed of enterprises may not be obvious, but once the "2+26" city government is instructed and urged to implement the 2017 (2) 018 winter air pollution comprehensive treatment action plan to emergencies, whether the enterprise's action is fast, efficient, and reasonable layout are all testing whether the enterprise has a complete and perfect management process, thus forcing the enterprise to accelerate the digital transformation

200 million people work, and when they open their eyes, there is a video conference sent by their boss. During this epidemic, some new ways of working, living, and even business models emerged, such as entertainment, education, scientific research, examination and approval, and meetings. Some large-scale activities that used to mobilize people can now be completed simply and quickly on the Internet. It can not only improve efficiency, but also save energy and reduce emissions. After the epidemic, these forms will become more normalized, which will lead to the development of a number of new industries and businesses

in a recent research report, Guosen Securities pointed out that the demand for cloud video conferencing has exploded and is expected to grow rapidly in the future. The era of cloud video has opened up the market space for video conferencing. The incremental market mainly lies in the fact that cloud video has significantly reduced the threshold for the use of video conferencing, and the general-purpose enterprise conference scene has gradually sunk to medium-sized enterprises; Cloud video has advantages in mobility and capacity expansion, which promotes the integration of video conferencing and more vertical industry application scenarios, and expands the boundaries and dimensions of the video conferencing industry

self built video conference system on the cloud is the general trend, and the low-cost and flexible video conference cloud service will usher in a substantial increase. In addition, the general-purpose conference scene continues to sink, and there is more room for the integration of vertical industry and scene video conferencing

video convergence refers to the unified integration of video resources from different formats and sources into a single platform for processing. At present, domestic video convergence is mainly reflected in the access to monitoring, multimedia on demand, data transmission, information release and other functions based on the general video conference system architecture, the development of applicable software for key industries, and the formation of a series of video conference industry solutions. In the future, video communication applications will work together as a module on closed-loop control. The control types include: speed control, load control, deformation control, status control, smart city, government party construction, distance education, telemedicine, emergency command and other application scenarios. With nonlinear application mode, it has become a new and indispensable enterprise productivity

what can also produce value in enterprise digital transformation is the deep integration of it tools and business processes. Digital transformation, which only talks about informatization, digitalization and intelligence, but not about process, is no egg filling cake, no aerated coke, no soul and meaningless

this epidemic has promoted the development of telecommuting in China, and also exposed that many enterprises cannot effectively resume work remotely because of insufficient cloud system construction. As various industries enter the resumption period, it is a test for the solutions of video conferencing and remote office manufacturers to enable each enterprise employee to achieve uninterrupted business in case of emergencies through efficient interaction of video and audio and integration of enterprise information processes

if you connect the ground wire, you can use the business process integrated into the enterprise, generate powerful energy, and turn the crisis into an opportunity for digital transformation. Many IT manufacturers and enterprises are taking action

during the epidemic period, ketianyun helped Zhejiang electric power to configure front-line employees of tens of thousands of distribution units with software that can directly conduct video, so as to report work orders, overhaul and find guidance. In such large state-owned enterprises, most of the distribution workers have not been exposed to video conferencing and remote office systems before. It is precisely because of the hard demand during the epidemic period that promotes enterprise action. In the 5g era, there will be better bandwidth to support some innovative applications such as video conferencing and promote the vertical development of remote office. In order to reduce the pressure of travel and daily office, once enterprises are used to telecommuting, it will become the choice of more enterprises

the in-depth collaborative office with video interaction as the core can solve the asymmetry between enterprise information flows, integrate all kinds of business information inside and outside the company, and provide various functions of meetings, messages, and knowledge sharing. The intelligent HD video conference system integrating voice, video and data can meet the needs of high-quality video services. Support new forms of online services such as high-end financial services, telemedicine, smart medicine and health management

it was probably an assumption of people more than a decade ago to allow people to learn advanced global knowledge without obstacles. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, many educational platforms can send high-quality teachers and lively classes from all over the world to students through long-distance online teaching and high-quality video and audio fusion platforms. The stable, clear and interactive teaching mode has deeply improved the distance teaching experience

under the epidemic, there are also opportunities for enterprises to transform. What can be found and excavated mainly depends on the vision and prediction of entrepreneurs

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