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From selection to maintenance of engine lubrication system to achieve efficient operation

from selection to maintenance of engine lubrication system to achieve efficient operation

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Guide: Introduction: when the engine is working, each moving part acts on another part with a certain force, and high-speed relative motion occurs. With relative motion, friction must occur on the surface of the part to accelerate wear. In order to reduce wear, reduce friction resistance, and extend service life, the engine must have

introduction: when the engine is working, each moving part acts on another part with a certain force, and high-speed relative motion occurs. With relative motion, friction must occur on the surface of the part to accelerate wear. In order to reduce wear, reduce friction resistance and prolong service life, the engine must have a lubrication system. Therefore, how to make the engine lubrication system successfully improve its profitability has become a difficult problem for every construction machinery user. Shell will conduct in-depth analysis from two aspects: selection, management and maintenance, so as to realize efficient operation of engine lubrication system

when the engine is working, the function of the lubrication system is to continuously deliver a sufficient amount of clean engine oil with appropriate temperature to the friction surfaces of all transmission parts, and form an oil film between the friction surfaces to realize liquid friction, so as to reduce friction resistance, reduce power consumption and reduce wear of parts, so as to improve the working reliability and durability of the engine. However, many users of construction machinery have some unreasonable phenomena in the selection, use and maintenance of lubricating oil. How to make the engine lubrication system operate efficiently may disturb every construction machinery user, and the user's professionalism for the lubrication system is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, choose high-performance products; Second, improve the level of maintenance

how to choose high-performance lubricating oils

there are two codes for the specification and brand of engine lubricating oils currently sold on the market in China: the American Petroleum Institute (API) quality grade and the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) viscosity grade. API represents the quality grade of lubricating oil, which is divided into steam engine oil and diesel engine oil. Steam engine oil: SJ, SL, SM, sn/gf-5; C stands for diesel engine oil CF-4, CH-4, ci-4, ci-4+, the larger the letter after CJ-4, the higher the grade is usually, which is used to indicate the comprehensive performance of oil products in preventing oxidation, resisting wear, controlling emissions, saving fuel, etc. the higher the grade, the better the performance. SAE stands for the viscosity of oil products, which is usually the applicable temperature range of oil products, regardless of high or low

there are the following principles for selecting engine lubricating oil: first, comply with the technical requirements of the engine manufacturer OEM. Secondly, if you choose oil by yourself, you must refer to the following guidelines. First, select a higher API level. Do not be lower than the requirements of the engine manufacturer. The higher the level, the more conducive to protecting your engine; Second, the most appropriate SAE viscosity. When buying a new car, try to choose the viscosity level recommended by the engine manufacturer when the rubber material is relatively strong when applying force, or choose products that can include the viscosity recommended by the engine manufacturer according to the local temperature change. Third, recognized brands. The products of famous brand companies are guaranteed by advanced formula technology, high-quality basic raw materials, first-class production technology, strict quality management and complete inspection means. For example, Shell lubricants, as an international organization, has a team of key equipment lubrication experts from more than 90 countries around the world to provide customers with a wide range of lubricant related services, To help customers maximize the positive impact of lubricants in production operations

in addition, in the construction machinery industry, the working condition is also an important factor that must be considered. For example, in cement quarries, mines and other environments, the equipment will encounter very harsh working conditions, and there will be higher requirements for the quality of lubricating oil. For example, shell Rimula R3 is a high-performance lubricating oil specially prepared with the latest technology, which performs well in dealing with harsh and complex working conditions and realizes efficient operation. Therefore, in the process of selecting lubricating oil, we should not only follow the basic principles, but also comprehensively consider various factors that affect the operation of lubricating oil, so as to select the most appropriate lubricating oil

how to improve the maintenance level

to give full play to the role of high-quality lubricating oil, ensure reliable lubrication of the engine, reduce wear and reduce failures, in addition to the selection of lubricating oil, we must also pay attention to the use and management of engine lubricating oil. The following will discuss the precautions of lubricating oil management from five common phenomena

1. Substitution and mixing of engine lubricating oil

when the oil supply is not timely or there is a lack of suitable varieties in the market, other oil products should be used for substitution. However, at present, many users are more random in choosing alternative oil products. The substitution and mixing of lubricating oil are related to the service life of the engine. The following principles should be observed and selected carefully:

A. when the quality grade is the same, Choose to use oil with a wide temperature range instead of oil with a narrow range

b. in terms of performance, only those with high quality grade can replace those with low quality grade (generally higher than one grade), and never replace high-grade oil with low-grade oil, otherwise the engine will be worn early due to insufficient wear resistance, high-temperature cleanliness and dispersion and high-temperature oxidation resistance

c. when similar oil products from different manufacturers are to be mixed, the mixing self-test should be carried out first. Mix, stir and heat the two oils in the ratio of 1:1 to 80 ℃, and the lack of public awareness (34.48%) is the stumbling block that the respondents think needs to be solved urgently. After -90 ℃, observe whether there is any peculiar smell. 6.2 place the sample in the two fixtures of the experimental machine or turbid sediment, etc., and use it only if there is no abnormal phenomenon

it should be specially pointed out that substitution and mixing should not be advocated, but only as a temporary measure. When using substitute oil or mixed oil, attention should be paid to regularly checking the working condition of engine lubricating oil to ensure that accidents caused by improper lubrication will not occur

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