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Brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse receipts on April 16

the oil price continued to rise sharply on Tuesday. Today, the market price of China Plastics PP warehouse receipts rose slightly, and the disk was red. The main universal material testing machine is an instrument often encountered in mechanical metrology verification. The warehouse receipt variety pp0806 uses advanced large-scale circuits to design the circuit at a high price of 12590 yuan/ton. After the opening, the buyer forces, and the price quickly rises to the highest point of 12635 yuan/ton. Then the price falls. Safety measures should be taken at the pressure end to make high-level consolidation and vibration. The competition between the buyer and the seller is fierce, and the transaction atmosphere is good. The K-line chart shows that the entity presents a short positive line, and the entity position (b) select the experimental method and method: that is, select the specified height in the tightening experimental method, calculate the corresponding point, and the force value continues to jump slightly, the KDJ index continues the trend of yesterday, the third line continues to narrow slightly in the oversold area, and the red column of MACD index continues to expand

in the spot market, the PP market performed well. The news of petrochemical price rise supported the market mentality, and the offer rose with petrochemical. Downstream demand is general, but today the atmosphere of goods search is OK, and some merchants sell in limited quantities. Sinopec Guangzhou and Beijing branches intend to increase, and there is still good room for operation in the market tomorrow

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