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In terms of inventory, the supply and demand of the market is weak, and the inventory of building materials in Beijing has not changed much.

during the middle and late December, the building materials market in Beijing began to decline sharply. With the sharp decline of the market, downstream procurement weakened. The arrival of steel mills also decreased. Recently, the market supply and demand were weak, resulting in little change in the inventory of building materials in Beijing, which increased slightly compared with last week. As of December 21, the total inventory of building materials in Beijing was 137300 tons, and new green plastic materials were increasingly widely used in the construction market, with a decrease of 22000 tons compared with the same period last week, with a weekly decrease of 1.55%, a monthly decrease of 31.51% and a year-on-year decrease of 39.15%

in terms of the proportion of steel mills, Xuanhua Steel, Chenggang and Jingye ranked first, followed by Linggang, Tangshan Steel, other steel mills, Xinxing cast pipe, Jiujiang and Tangyin

from this week, the resources of steel mills have decreased more and increased less. Among them, other steel mills increased the most, by 36%, Xuanhua Steel by 26%, Tanggang by 23%, Tangyin by 73%, Xinxing cast pipe by 47%, Jinxi by 35%, Jiujiang by 27%, dedication by 19%, Chenggang by 2%

according to the statistics of each warehouse, each warehouse increased and decreased this week, with an increase and decrease of 0 460000 tons

the latest survey statistics show that as of December 21, the social inventory of construction steel in Beijing was 138000 tons, an increase of 0.2% over last week, a decrease of 15.31% over the same period last month, and a year-on-year decrease of 51.14%. Specifically, the total wire stock was 3300 tons, an increase of 2.45% over the same period last week and 18.2% over the same period last month. among Ф The stock of 6.5mm wire rod was 12000 tons, an increase of 78.58% over the same period last week and 58.71% over the previous month; Ф 8mm wire rod was 11000 tons, a decrease of 21.54% over the same period last week and an increase of 6.58% over the previous month, Ф 10mm wire rod was 0900 tons, a decrease of 40.77% over the same period last week and 2.77% over the previous month

total inventory of rebar 11 The mechanical properties of these aerogels are multifunctional. They are all made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) with a capacity of 230000 tons, an increase of 0.44% over the same period last week, a decrease of 11.53% over the same period last month, and a year-on-year decrease of 54.95%. The total inventory of snails (tertiary snails) was 22500 tons, a decrease of 15.67% over the same period last week, 32.51% over the same period last month, and 15.5% year-on-year

after the current sharp correction in the price of building materials, the ex factory price of steel mills has also been reduced. With the fall of market prices, market demand has gradually weakened, while the arrival speed of steel mills has slowed down. Recently, the supply-demand relationship has tended to balance, and the inventory of building materials in Beijing has not changed much, rising slightly. After entering the middle and late ten days, it is also the end of the year. Due to the shortage of market funds and the reduction of steel factory arrival, the market demand will also be further weakened. On the whole, it is predicted that the market inventory will maintain a slow rising trend in the later period

first, the amount of resources put into the market decreased

due to the continuous impact of limited production of heating in winter, the crude steel output fell significantly in November. Crude steel output in November was 66.15 million tons, a decrease of 6.21 million tons month on month. The average daily output of crude steel in China fell to 2.205 million tons from 233.4 in October, down 5.54% month on month

for the Beijing building materials market, Xuancheng and other steel mills increased the most in December, with an expected increase of 119000 tons to 520000 tons, and delivered more goods in the middle and first ten days of December. In the middle and late ten days of the year, the northern resource gathering port will move southward more, and the investment in Beijing market, Nangang will be equipped with multiple robots in production line 1, which will drop slightly

from the perspective of steel mills, as of December 22, the utilization rate of blast furnace capacity of 163 steel mills was 71.33%, a slight increase of 0.01% over last week, the utilization rate excluding obsolete capacity was 77.40%, a decrease of 9.42% over the same period last year, and the profitability of steel mills was 85.28%. This week, the blast furnaces in Xuzhou were shut down due to environmental problems, but most of them were small blast furnaces. The regular inspection of large blast furnaces along the river and in North China ended, and the utilization rate was generally stable

after the seasonal reduction of trading volume in the middle and late ten days of the 12th century, the supply of steel mills was also small, and the supply-demand relationship was weak and balanced. In the later period, Beijing's building materials inventory entered a slow rising stage

second, the market demand will shrink

in December, the off-season goes deep, some construction sites will be shut down gradually due to the temperature drop, and the environmental protection requirements in the heating season further promote the increase of construction site shutdown, so the market demand is difficult to be optimistic

on the whole, it is difficult to be optimistic about the market demand. In addition, at the end of the year, the financial pressure is prominent, and the willingness of merchants to ship is relatively dominant. However, considering that the current steel mills are affected by production restrictions, the actual output is relatively low, the resources in the hands of merchants are mostly in short supply, and the support at the bottom of the market price is still strong, it is expected that the price of building materials in Beijing will be adjusted weakly in the short term, but there is limited room for decline

next week, from the market inventory situation, we can see the market trend. At the beginning of the month, the arrival of market resources is not much, the market demand will weaken, the relationship between supply and demand will be balanced, and the market inventory will change little, showing a slow upward trend

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