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New understanding of network risks: BT launched the next generation of network services

ctiforum on April 20 (Li Wenjie): BT announced the launch of BT assure cyber service on April 17, which is an advanced security platform designed to provide comprehensive monitoring, detection and preventive measures, so that it will be more difficult for these degraded products to be reused, and the private sector and government agencies will be protected from network attacks. This new solution is based on BT's rich knowledge in the field of network security, carefully selects the tool software developed by the company, and combines with world-class security partners to provide a new and unique service for the security market

bt assure cyber service integrates event data collected from a variety of sources and remote sensing technologies, including commercial systems, traditional security controls and advanced detection tools. Vulnerabilities and accidents that used to take days or even weeks to investigate and respond can now be identified and dealt with immediately

bt assure cyber service adopts a number of advanced analysis engines to detect subtle threats from the network in the monitoring environment, and then stack the detected threats as long as there is a periodic curve cluster to the network analyst and security expert. 3. The bellows ring stiffness tester is comprehensively analyzed before starting up. In the past, these threats usually did not attract high attention. The core architecture of assure cyber is a "highly correlated" engine, which uses advanced mathematical algorithms to find abnormal conditions from the traffic flow records generated by human-computer interaction. This method fills the gap of traditional anomaly detection methods and achieves higher situational awareness than a single detection and analysis method. Whether complex or conventional threats, they will actively push notifications to the assure cyber platform through a unique threat modeling engine based on their background analysis. The platform will combine the defense levels between the attacker and the attacked object to determine the severity of an attack against the organization

the ability of assure cyber platform enables security analysts to focus on those threats with the highest risk

Mark Hughes, President of BT security, pointed out: "The traditional security defense line has failed. Cloud computing and mobile devices make institutions more agile, efficient and competitive. But these devices also bring many new security risks. These risks appear in the process of natural growth, mergers and acquisitions, supplier changes and the adoption of new technologies, making it increasingly difficult to assess the global network threat faced by an institution. The rapidly changing business environment may hinder the understanding of the security situation, including Including technical and non-technical processes and control measures to protect the organization from internal and external threats. With the acceleration of technological innovation, innovation and investment in security measures to protect sensitive assets of enterprises from cyber attacks must also be accelerated at the same time. Helping organizations understand the changing network threat environment is the core of BT assure cyber services. In the final analysis, it is to re recognize the risks of the network. "

bt assure cyber has been launched worldwide, and its millions of endpoints can meet the needs of institutions of all sizes, including private enterprises and government departments

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