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New energy investment reinvention Warren Buffett buys NV energy company

new energy investment reinvention Warren Buffett buys NV energy company

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Guide: the Sino US energy holding company of Berkshire Hathaway company under Warren Buffett announced on the 29th, It agreed to acquire NV energy (trading code: NVE after the pendulum of the New York Stock Exchange pushed the passive needle to the right of the benchmark for the second time) in cash at a price of US $5.6 billion. Affected by this, NV energy shares rose 24% to 23.94 in after hours trading on the 29th

the Sino American energy holding company of Berkshire Hathaway, which is controlled by Buffett, the "God of stocks", announced on the 29th that it agreed to buy NV energy (NYSE: NVE) in Nevada, USA, for $5.6 billion in cash. Affected by this, NV energy shares rose 24% to $23.94 in after hours trading on the 29th. Analysts believe that "this product has too much room for imagination. This acquisition is Buffett's renewed effort in the field of new energy, which complements the previous energy investment layout of" God of stocks "in the western United States

optimistic about the economic prospects of Nevada

nv energy is a utility provider of electricity and natural gas in Nevada, the United States. The acquisition of NV energy by Sino US energy amounted to $23.75 per share, a premium of 23% over the closing price of the latter on the 29th. The transaction also needs to be approved by NV energy shareholders and the federal and state governments. It is expected that the transaction will be completed in the first quarter of 2014

this is the largest acquisition of Sino US energy, and it is also the second largest acquisition of Buffett this year since the US $23.3 billion acquisition of Heinz at the beginning of this year. Buffett said in a statement released on the same day that the acquisition was "very suitable for Berkshire" and "we are happy to make a long-term investment in the Nevada economy"

nv energy is headquartered in Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada, and supplies power to 2.4 million residents in Nevada. Las Vegas, known as the "entertainment capital of the world", has always been known as the city that never sleeps, with huge power consumption. It is reported that after the completion of this acquisition, NV energy will operate independently as a separate subsidiary of Sino US energy, with the company name unchanged and its headquarters still located in Las Vegas

last year, NV energy achieved a revenue of $2.98 billion and a profit of $320 million. The company's share price rose 15% in the past year. Steve Chek, chairman of Chek capital management, believes that Berkshire has a lot of cash, but its cash income is very low, and this $5.6 billion cash acquisition actually brings Berkshire an expected annual return of $320million. He also pointed out that Nevada has always been a very fast-growing region, which is a "very good and safe investment"

improve the layout of new energy in the western United States

in recent years, China US energy holding companies have been actively investing in new energy projects. At present, the company's wind power generation capacity has accounted for 6% of the total wind power generation capacity in the United States. In the past two years, the company has also been investing in solar power projects. 1. The maximum static experimental force: 20KN; After all of them are put into operation, the solar power generation capacity of Sino US energy will account for 14% of the total solar power generation capacity of the United States

in fact, the acquisition of NV energy is also Buffett's renewed efforts in the field of new energy. Nevada has huge solar, wind and geothermal energy resources. Last month, NV Energy said it would accelerate the elimination of thermal power equipment, building natural gas and renewable energy power equipment. The company aims to become the largest geothermal energy user in the United States by 2025, with renewable energy accounting for 25%

in its statement on the 29th, NV Energy said that the experience of Sino US energy in the field of new energy would help the company develop new energy projects in Nevada

previously, in 2006, Sino American energy purchased Pacific power company with us $5.1 billion, which mainly provides power supply services for western states such as California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The latest acquisition is Buffett's second large-scale energy investment in the western region of the United States

analysts believe that the latest transaction is expected to echo the recent investment of Sino US energy in the new energy field in the western United States. At present, Sino American energy is building the world's largest photovoltaic power plant, located in San Luis Obispo, California. In addition, the company also invests in 160 MW geothermal power generation near Salton Lake in southeastern California

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