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Pu BINGTUAN, general manager of Shanghai Xinran air compressor company, led a delegation to participate in the Hannover Industrial Exposition in Germany. Brief description: the barometer of the trend of the world's industrial industry. Hannover industrial exposition is the world's top professional and the largest international trade exhibition involving industrial fields. It is held annually. The exhibition was founded in 1947 and has a history of 63 years so far. It not only has the world's largest exhibition venue, but also has a high technical content. It is recognized as one of the most important platforms for global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology application and international trade. Up to now, the exhibition has been justifiably called the Flagship Exhibition of the classification domain of the displacement sensor of the global industrial trade leading tensile testing machine and the most influential international industrial trade exhibition involving industrial products and technologies

Bu BINGTUAN, general manager of Shanghai Xinran Compressor Co., Ltd., will lead a delegation to participate in the Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany, and ship several machines to the Hannover Industrial Expo site before the Spring Festival in 2010. As a rising star in the air compressor industry, Xinran can calculate the experimental speed in detail, and has been exploring a new way for the development of compressors. Xinran air compressor passed the economic crisis that began in 2008 and experienced the test of economic depression in 2009. In 2010, Xinran achieved unprecedented development at an amazing speed. It has a place in the domestic outer space press industry

Xinran has established 5 offices, 48 officially authorized agents, 12 supporting manufacturers and 5 strategic design institutes in China

Xinran is overseas: it has formal authorized agents in more than 60 countries, 3 offices, and 3 wholly-owned assembly plants that are preparing joint ventures or will be prepared

Xinran in Shanghai: the newly established Shanghai Xinran Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. has laid the cornerstone for the great development of Xinran as the headquarters in China

Xinran air compressor has now become the brightest pearl among China's independent brand compressors! Xinran air compressor not only takes the brand strategy, but also takes the product series strategy. The existing products are the most complete produced by Chinese air compressor manufacturers at present, such as: high-pressure air compressor, breathing compressor, bottle blowing air compressor, screw booster air compressor, screw high-pressure air compressor, screw fixed air polyimide cost higher than high-pressure machine, mobile air compressor, explosion-proof air compressor, oil-free air compressor, low-pressure screw air compressor, variable-frequency air compressor, frozen dryer, adsorption dryer, filter and other products. Please log in to the official website of Xinran for details:

Xinran air compressor participating in the Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany site decoration drawing:

Xinran air compressor front view of Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany

Xinran air compressor side view of Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany

Xinran air compressor side view of Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany

Xinran air compressor top view of Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany

why is the quality assurance period of Xinran air compressor expired Will it be such a rapid development? It is inseparable from the help and care of colleagues in the compressor industry, the care and guidance of leaders at all levels, and the concerted efforts and selflessness of all employees of Xinran company

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