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There was a snake broken in two near the wire fire in a community in Hangzhou (picture)

yesterday morning, the wire outside the wall of a building in Liushui Dongyuan, Hangzhou caught fire. Firefighters found a snake electrocuted and a mouse just swallowed by the wire. Firefighters judged that this was probably a "tragedy" caused by snake catching mice

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at more than 10 a.m., a master who lives in Liushui Dongyuan dialed 119 and said that there was a wire fire near 10 buildings in the community. After receiving the alarm, the Zhaohui squadron immediately dispatched 2 fire engines and 10 people to the scene to fight the fire

10 buildings are close to the road. The master told the firemen that he happened to hear a "crackling" explosion when passing by 10 buildings. Looking up, it turned out that it was caused by sparks from the wires. Because the wires were about 3 meters high, he couldn't climb up by himself, so he called 119 and the power company

because the power company had cut off power to some buildings in the community, the wires had stopped burning when firefighters arrived

the alarm Master said that the burning wire was located on the second floor. Worried about the smoldering of the wires, firefighters climbed up the second floor with a ladder to prepare to check the wires. At this time, a hole beside the wire attracted the attention of firefighters

I saw some wires passing through the hole and turning into the wall, and a yellow green tail hung on the narrow hole

pull the tail out, it's actually a snake! This new material for snake car has also become a hot topic of concern. There are signs of burning on it, and it was pulled by firefighters and broke in two. Firefighters took out both parts of the snake and saw a huge mouse emerge from the snake's belly

"this snake was electrocuted and had a burning smell. It didn't seem to die long." Firefighters at the scene said

the snake's body is yellow green, with long stripes on both sides of its abdomen, about one meter long. Experienced firefighters immediately judged that it was a non-toxic cauliflower snake and liked to eat mice

"the hole in the wall just allows the snake and mouse to pass through. The snake probably touched the wire when catching the mouse. Maybe the wire was also a little old, causing a short circuit in the wire. Then he was electrocuted."

correspondent Wu Mengli, Ma Yinhui, Sun Yu

Ms. Xu lives in Hangzhou Hejing diecaiyuan community. Her son's name is "eleven", and she is 21 months old

on the morning of September 12, grandma took one by one to play in the children's activity room in the community, and an accident occurred

property monitoring shows that at the beginning, children walk and play in the middle of the activity room, while grandma uses it at the same time. Then, one by one, he went straight to the upper right corner of the picture and stretched out his hand to pull the cabinet drawer. After pulling out one, when he reached for the second drawer above, the cabinet suddenly fell forward

in this way, most of her body was pressed under the cabinet. When she heard the noise, her first reaction was to throw it away, rush to the cabinet, then lift the cabinet, and then send the child to the hospital

after diagnosis, the child has two fractures in his right foot and a bone fracture on one bone. At present, it has been put in plaster. The doctor said that it will take two to three months to recover from the injury

Ms. Xu's appeal is: first, let the property take full responsibility and bear the medical expenses; Second, carry out rectification to avoid similar incidents

the cabinet fell down when the baby pulled the drawer. When the forming cycle was accelerated, the owner suspected that the cabinet against the wall was not firmly fixed

at more than 3 p.m. yesterday, he rushed to Hejing diecaiyuan community where the incident occurred. The community is located in the future science and Technology City, at the intersection of Yongshou street and Wensheng road. Since July this year, the name of the community has been changed to "Xiangyue sijixuan"

the children's activity room is located inside the community, with a single-layer structure, and the whole wall is made of glass. Next door is the gym. There are public swimming pools, open-air slides and other children's amusement facilities outside

there is a rocket shaped slide in the children's activity room, where fiveorsix parents take their children to play, but the original place where they put the cabinet is empty

an aunt in her 60s at the scene told her that she had lived in this community for nearly two years and often brought her granddaughter to this activity room to play. Many children in the community also often came here to play. She happened to be present when the accident happened on September 12

"the child walked towards the cabinet on the right, pulled the drawer, and the cabinet fell down. At that time, grandma happened to be watching next to it, and was so scared that she threw it away when she heard the sound, so she hurried to move the cabinet."

the aunt said that there was a cabinet on the left and right sides of the entrance of the activity room, which was placed against the glass wall. The cabinet is about one meter high and 40 cm wide. It looks very heavy. It's hard to move a position. I didn't expect it to fall down and press the child

it is understood that the property management has moved these two cabinets since the children had an accident

a clinical trial of this device began in 2009. When a child under the age of two pulled the drawer, the cabinet fell down and pressed on the child, resulting in leg fracture, which really sounded very dangerous. Many owners in the community doubt whether the danger is caused by the fact that the cabinet is not fixed

yesterday afternoon, I contacted the property company in the community. A staff member surnamed Fang said that after the accident, the property staff had moved the cabinet away at the first time to avoid similar accidents again. As for whether the cabinet was fixed before and the medical compensation for the injured child, the staff member did not answer positively, saying that the accident had been handled by the police station under the jurisdiction

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