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The bronzing process of Spring Festival couplets

this technology does not need machinery in production. It can be produced with or without calligraphy foundation. With an investment of 200 yuan, two people can produce Spring Festival couplets of various fonts and specifications with a unique process. The fonts are exquisite, golden as a mirror, and the lines are exquisite. It has a calligraphic charm and can be maintained for a year. There are many bronzing colors, which are suitable for the bronzing needs of the industry. Raw materials are easy to buy everywhere. For example, the production of weddings and Shouyan is equipped with dragon and Phoenix, "Shou" and "Xi" characters, as well as doors and business facade Spring Festival couplets, which make higher profits

I. plate making process

1. The size of the plate frame should be determined according to the paper cutting size of the printed Spring Festival couplets. The inner diameter of the plate frame should be 5 cm larger than the paper cutting size, and 3 cm can be selected × For a 5cm wooden square, scrape a 0.5cm deep trunking on the plane of the plate frame near the inner diameter of 1cm-1.5cm, and make wooden strips according to the width and depth of the trunking

2. Tension: cut the nylon screen according to the size of the plate frame, wet it with clean water, nail the sides of the nylon screen at a distance of about 2 cm around the plate frame with the figure, then press the wooden strip on the nylon screen with small iron nails and nail it into the slot, and then wash the nailed plate with clean water and dry it

3. Scraping photosensitive adhesive: this process must be carried out in a dark room. For lighting, use a red light or candle to pour an appropriate amount of XS-1 diazo photosensitive adhesive into the lower side of the plate plane, and scrape it upward with a plexiglass triangle. Make sure that the adhesive film is evenly distributed, the cloth is covered, and the longitudinal scraping can't be horizontal scraping. If the concave surface of the version has glue penetration, please scrape it flat, subject to the thin and flat scraping of the adhesive film, in order to seal the eyes tightly and dry naturally

4. Drawing black-and-white manuscript: black-and-white manuscript is the most critical process in the plate making process. It is not only related to the success or failure of plate making, but also directly affects the product quality. Without the basis of calligraphy, you can find some Spring Festival couplets and patterns with exquisite fonts at will, or you can use a computer to print fonts, and then put them on the desktop, covered with a piece of clean glass with the same size as the outer diameter of the plate frame, and use ink to draw fonts, The line part of the word base must be completely black. After the description, check it against the light. If there is any leakage, repair it in time. If there is any irregularity in the line of the word base during the description, scrape off the excess part with the tip of a knife after the ink dries, and revise it. If you want to paint a fine pattern, you can choose to dip the drawing in black ink with a hard pen, and then combine it with the black-and-white glass manuscript as needed, which will not affect the effect of plate making

5. Exposure. This process must be carried out in a dark room. Take a sponge with a thickness of more than 0.5 cm, which is equal to the inner diameter of the plate frame and must be more than 2 cm thicker than the plane of the plate frame. First put the sponge into the concave surface of the plate, and then put the plywood on the top of the sponge, and then turn it over, that is, the plywood is down, and the plane of the plate is up, and then put the painted black-and-white manuscript with ink side down, centered and smoothly on the plane of the plate, Three kinds of hardness values are specified with clamps around, and only one of them can be measured. Clamp the plywood below and the glass black-and-white manuscript above to prevent horizontal light running, so as to avoid the lack and failure of plate making. After it is arranged, it can be taken outdoors for exposure. The exposure time is generally 1-3 minutes, depending on the degree of light. The strong light time is short, the weak light time is long, and it is not suitable for exposure in cloudy weather, You can also use indoor light for exposure. Four 40W fluorescent lamps or four 200W bulbs are evenly distributed on the top of the plate. If the fluorescent lamp is 30 cm away from the plate, the bulb needs to be 50 cm away from the plate, and the exposure time is 30 minutes. After the exposure, the version should be immediately taken back to the darkroom. IBM researchers found that graphene material can significantly reduce the cost of blue LED. Take away the black-and-white manuscript, sponge and plywood, and quickly wash the front and back sides of the version with 60 ℃ warm water, Generally, the word base and pattern on the plate can be washed clearly after washing for about 3 minutes. After drying, the plate making process is all over

II. Printing process

first, make a scraper for printing, take two Polaroid plates with the same size, 26 cm long and 13 cm wide, and then take a rubber plate with the length of 26 cm, 14.5 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick, clamp the rubber plate in the middle with two Polaroid plates, align the three sides, and the rubber plate on the other side is 1.5 cm higher than the Polaroid plate, and stick the three with "stick firmly" glue. Generally, three kinds of pressure tests are carried out: in addition, the size of the scraper can be lengthened or shortened according to the width of the printing plate. Plexiglass triangular ruler can also be used to replace the rubber scraper to complete the printing needs

position the concave surface of the prepared version on the workbench with a hinge upward, take about 30 pieces of cut red paper and put it under the version, for example: during the test process, align it with the word base pattern of the version, find the size of the four surrounding areas, stir the fat glue mixing paint fully and evenly, and then scrape it repeatedly from right to left. Each scrape to one side, that is, after the city finishes printing, open the version, take out the printed products, and so on. The force should be even when scraping. After each printing, you should immediately wipe the plate with a towel stained with air oil for next use

III. gold bonding process

choose a worktable with flat and pressure resistant surface, and then lay a rubber plate 0.5cm thick, which is slightly larger than the size of the printed Spring Festival couplets, and it is very flat, smooth and of high quality. Cut the anodized hot stamping foil according to the size of the printed Spring Festival couplets. After the printed Spring Festival couplets are cooled for about 20 minutes, the anodized hot stamping foil can be smoothly pasted on the character base pattern of the printed Spring Festival couplets, and then use a towel to firmly compact the character base and pattern position. After confirming that the compaction is correct, the anodized hot stamping foil can be removed after 24-36 hours

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