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Mountain reconstruction machine: soft power shaping excavator hard brand

mountain reconstruction machine: soft power shaping excavator hard brand

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Guide: China's excavator market was once monopolized by foreign brands, but now, the pattern is being strongly changed. Xia Yuwu, the general manager of mountain reconstruction Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mountain reconstruction machine), recently told: with the mountain reconstruction machine coming from behind, all local brand excavators before can't reach

China's excavator market was once monopolized by foreign brands, but now the pattern is being strongly rewritten

Xia Yuwu, general manager of mountain reconstruction Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mountain reconstruction machine), recently told: "with the coming of mountain reconstruction machine, the history that all local brand excavators were not worth a multinational giant has ended."

China's excavator market is an arena for global construction machinery. Almost all the world's famous excavator brands have entered China and have monopolized the Chinese market for many years in the past. However, local brands began to rise and reached a market share of 38.53% in the first eight months of this year

At the end of 2016, the overall production capacity of the power battery industry exceeded 80gwh

mountain reconstruction machine is undoubtedly the "dark horse" in the industry The excavator sales volume of this enterprise, which was established only in March last year, increased by 5 times compared with that before the integration, and the profit increased by 10 times. People can't help asking: How did this "dark horse" become

the profit of the company increased 10 times in one year after its establishment

in June 2009, Shandong heavy industry group was established. Nine months later, its wholly-owned subsidiaries shanre Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shandong Zhongyou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. were also established after integrating the excavator business, and took on the important task of building Shandong heavy industry construction machinery sector

however, although Shantui is one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers and ranks in the forefront of the bulldozer market, it has no excavator business; Although Shandong Zhongyou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has a history of producing and selling excavators for many years. As the name suggests, excavators are used for hoisting construction. Now this is mainly due to the nature of the course itself. They are widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power construction, ordnance manufacturing, port loading and unloading, power devices, machine processing, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields, but until 2009, the sales volume was only 600, It is almost negligible in the excavator market. In contrast, in China's excavator market, although the sales volume of all local brands is not equal to that of Komatsu, construction machinery enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry, Yuchai, Liugong, etc. have had strong advantages in technology, talents, products and channels after years of development

in this industry background, on May 10 and 11 last year, the foundations of the shanre construction machinery Linyi and Jining excavator bases were laid one after another. According to the plan, the annual production capacity of these two bases is 10000 units. On December 8 of that year, the first excavator in Linyi base went offline. "Within one year, the construction of the two bases started at the same time, and the plant construction, production line installation, commissioning and production were completed in seven months. This speed created a miracle in the industry." Xia Yuwu said

in this year, the company produced 4011 excavators and sold 3106 excavators. The sales volume increased by 5 times and the profit increased by 10 times. At the same time, there are more than 50 agents in major provinces and cities across the country except Tibet, with a channel sales capacity of 20000 units

however, due to the impact of national macro-control, the overall growth rate of the excavator market slowed down this year, and some Japanese and Korean brands even saw sales decline, but the main economic indicators of shanre reconstruction machine achieved a growth rate of 110% in the first half of the year

excavators upstarts flash into the front-line camp

not only that, the construction of Linyi and Jining bases, with a production capacity of 20000 sets last year, has broken the traditional development pattern of the excavator industry

more importantly, the mountain reconstruction machine has set off a wave of local brands impacting foreign excavators

excavators can replace loaders, bulldozers and other construction operations in a variety of occasions. Since the 1990s, the annual output of excavators in the world has been much higher than that of loaders and bulldozers. However, in the Chinese market, excavators of foreign brands have always occupied an absolute monopoly position, and the market share of foreign brands once reached 95%

however, the rapid rise of emerging enterprises and the rapid growth of local brands such as XCMG and sany have greatly increased the market share of local brands. In the first eight months of this year, local brands reached 38.53%, surpassing Komatsu, the most powerful foreign brand, for the first time

according to Xia Yuwu, the advantages of local brands are gradually emerging: whether in the field of small models with a few tons or large models with dozens of tons, the competitiveness is very strong. Local brands are also more suitable for the Chinese market in terms of sales than international brands, and do better in terms of maintenance and after-sales service

tackle tough cultural integration

in just one year, how did mountain reconstruction machine gather talents, resources, products and technology, and successfully become a first-line brand of domestic excavators

the answer is corporate culture. According to reports, the Linyi and Jining production bases of shanre construction machinery have a total of 1700 employees, including 1100 new employees, accounting for 65% "Many people were recruited in the second half of last year, and they have been employed for less than one year, including 90% of the management." Said chensongdong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of shanre construction machinery

as we all know, the most difficult part of enterprise restructuring is cultural integration, especially for enterprises with an absolute majority of newcomers, such as mountain reconstruction machine. If it is not done well, it will not only be scattered, but also seriously hinder the development of enterprises

"only in the management, there is cultural integration of different backgrounds." Chen Songdong said that most of the calculation formulas of the 4.2.1 octave band are newcomers, and they are elites in the industry. They have a strong sense of autonomy. How to integrate the excellent corporate culture in the industry is a test of the mountain reconstruction machine

however, Shandong heavy industry's culture of "inclusiveness, communication and" has created a good humanistic environment for them and brought them together. Relying on this elite team, the mountain reconstruction machine rose "overnight". Its ability of cultural reconstruction is amazing

system construction is closely related to cultural reconstruction. On the desks of the middle and senior managers of the mountain reconstruction machine, there is a "diligent and honest practice" notice board. It is reported that this is also one of the important contents of the corporate culture of shanre reconstruction machinery

count the content of the current corporate culture. Chen Songdong, who has worked in Weichai for more than 20 years, said frankly that no enterprise has mature experience to learn from. Now, some corporate cultures of shanjianshe are also unique to Weichai. In order to establish a corporate culture dominated by the "post-80s" and "post-90s", the company also holds a flag raising ceremony for all staff on the 1st of each month, organizes football, basketball and badminton competitions, establishes a gym, holds a national day essay competition, and encourages employees to put forward reasonable suggestions

"the wise create opportunities, the strong seize opportunities, and the weak wait for opportunities." Xia Yuwu, who has worked in the construction machinery industry at home and abroad for many years and joined shanreconstruction machinery last year, believes that shanreconstruction machinery is not satisfied with its achievements. Its goal is to become the top three industry brands in China in three years and the top three in the world in ten years. On the stage of excavator, which is full of international giants, if we want to be among the top three in the country and the top three in the world, we can't go step by step. We must start from a high starting point and develop by leaps and bounds, and the mountain reconstruction opportunity should start from the strong

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