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Japan, Britain and the United States frequently produce new packaging boxes

Japan Hokkaido Hakodate aquatic food company recently developed a fresh-keeping packaging box for transporting live shrimp. This kind of packing box adopts the lower structure, the inner layer is a watertight ethylene box, which contains water and live shrimp, and the outer layer is made of foam styrene. There is a space of about 3cm between the two layers, which can be used to put crushed ice or chemical refrigerant. The inner box is filled with sterilized sea water and injected with a certain amount of oxygen. Live shrimp can be transported after being placed in the water and covered tightly. The survival rate of preservation is more than 90%

an American company has invented a new method of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh by reducing oxygen and increasing nitrogen content in packaging boxes. This method uses a new type of packing box with air conditioning performance in transportation. This kind of packing has a special layer of film. The film fiber can absorb oxygen molecules and let nitrogen through. In this way, after the air enters the packing box through the film, the nitrogen content in the box can be up to more than 98%, so as to slow down the respiration of fruits and vegetables and achieve the purpose of long-term preservation

two British and Japanese companies jointly produced tar allpak corrugated board, a new packaging material made of paper tape wood. Its technical performance meets the American national standard ppd-b-640d and the government standards of 42 countries in the world. The corrugated cardboard packing box has large capacity and light weight, and the box weight is only 25% - 30% of the weight of the wooden box with the same volume; High strength, good water resistance, strong sealing and good cushioning effect; Flexible and diverse, saving storage space, suitable for folding and stacking, convenient handling; The packaging carton designed by some special thermostatic chamber can be reused for deep internal training and strengthening of muscles and bones

the Japan Food Circulation System Association has recently developed a new type of fresh-keeping packaging box for fruits and vegetables, which uses a silicate "ristobal stone" as an additive for pulp. This kind of stone powder has a good adsorption effect on all kinds of gases, especially for a long time. It can jointly promote the construction of express packaging recycling demonstration cities in cities that implement the forced classification of domestic waste in the country. The amount of fruits and vegetables preserved by using this kind of fresh-keeping packaging box will not be reduced, and it is suitable for long-distance storage and transportation. Another Japanese company also produced a kind of fruit fresh-keeping packaging box, which adds a layer of polyethylene film to the corrugated paper lining of the corrugated box, and then applies a waterproof wax coating containing a trace of fruit disinfectant to prevent the evaporation of fruit moisture and inhibit respiration, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping. The fresh-keeping period is as long as one month

a British company has recently developed a new type of tissue paper, which is mainly used for food packaging and office paper packaging, and other activities, such as heavyweight summits, policy and regulation lectures, new technology and new product launches, procurement and supply docking conferences, etc. This kind of thin cardboard packing box is divided into two independent parts: the lower part accounts for about half the height of the whole carton, and there are two handles on both sides; The upper part is a square paper shell with the same height as the whole packing box. Cover the shell outside the lower part of the carton to form a complete packing box. When in use, carry it through the handle at the bottom, and the loaded items will not tilt and fall

source: China Packaging News

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