BroadSoft brings new integrated intelligent cloud

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BroadSoft brings a new integrated intelligent cloud communication and collaboration experience

the upgrade strengthens the vision of BroadSoft business cloud unified communication application: to provide intuitive and consistent customer experience and reshape workflow efficiency within the entire application suite

BroadSoft, the global market leader of unified communication as a service (ucaas) cloud business software and the provider of collaboration and call center as a service (ccaas), Inc. (NASDAQ: BSFT) today announced the upgrade of BroadSoft business application suite at its annual User Conference BroadSoft connections. BroadSoft Bu is expected to pass the certification and supply in batches within this year. Business now adopts a micro service architecture to provide upgraded application experience and next-generation service capabilities in applications including UC one and team impact testing machine, which are relatively simple in normal use. One and CC one

at present, enterprise users need to manage workflow through multiple communication channels, including e-mail, SMS and Ott applications. They usually spend a lot of time and energy searching for information. In fact, the economist1's research report shows that employees who believe that they effectively use mobile technology solutions in the workplace are more creative, satisfied and efficient at work. At the same time, enterprises are increasingly aware of the impact of inefficient and repetitive workflows on their profits

Michael Tessler, President and CEO of BroadSoft, said: our goal for BroadSoft business is to provide comprehensive services, including, high-quality meetings and file sharing, to meet the needs of all market segments. Other companies are still discussing how to integrate unified communication into the team collaboration platform, and the BroadSoft business application suite has fulfilled our commitment to full enterprise productivity

open source microservice architecture: promote rapid cloud innovation

BroadSoft business now adopts a modern microservice architecture that provides important functions such as BroadSoft meet and BroadSoft hub. These functions can be used in the whole application suite (UC one, team one and CC one), bringing a stable, comprehensive and intelligent end-user experience

launch BroadSoft meet: improve remote and visitor collaboration

broadsoft meet is a fully integrated security conference room feature designed to promote virtual teams and their visitors to collaborate and interact with HD video, voice, messages and screen sharing through any device. The benefits of using BroadSoft meet include: unparalleled video collaboration experience on desktop computers (Full HD 1080p/20fps); Visitor access and sharing are very simple, that is, the equality of comparison is simple; Just click to join without dialing or entering a password; All applications in the BroadSoft business suite need to point out that they provide a consistent user experience

uc one upgrade: the future of mobile productivity

broadsoft UC one brings better mobile user and workflow experience, including providing a new landing page for page applications, allowing customers to create a customized home screen directly inserted into unified communication mobile applications, and realizing the professional service capability of a specific function or vertical field (such as tourism service industry), At the same time, the powerful call and message sending functions of UC one mobile client can also be used

team one upgrade: integrate calls, real-time meetings and common content

broadsoft team one upgrades its collaboration capabilities, integrates BroadSoft meets that bring full HD video and audio conferencing experience to workstations, and provides teams with intelligent visitor access capabilities and common content driven by AI, bringing better user experience and larger global networks

CC one upgrade: a supplier provides a comprehensive solution

the upgrade of BroadSoft CC one includes a new user interface with embedded Omni channel and unified communication capabilities, a new CRM integration, PCI level 1 compliance and automatic outbound call task functions. The upgrade aims to help medium-sized enterprises and enterprise contact centers improve the productivity of seating staff and better serve customers

broadsoft business is an enterprise suite that fully integrates cloud PBX, unified communication, team collaboration and contact center applications. It is deployed in the cloud and provides situational intelligence on the entire platform, making it convenient for users to access the information and applications they need in one place

about BroadSoft

BroadSoft is a technology innovator of cloud PBX, unified communication, teamwork and contact center solutions, serving enterprises and service providers in 80 countries. We are the market leader of cloud unified communications, and its open, mobile and secure platform has won the trust of 25 of the world's top 30 service providers by revenue. Our BroadSoft business application suite can help users and teams easily share ideas and work and achieve breakthrough performance

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