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Build a beautiful China and make the environment better

build a beautiful China and make the environment better | XCMG environmental defender X1 new generation product release

believes that these two driving modes will still coexist at present. China Construction Machinery Information

on July 7, 2018, the XCMG environmental defender X1 new generation product launch with the theme of "leading technology and indestructible use" was held in Xuzhou

this is the new fourth generation product of XCMG's environmental industry "grinding a sword in ten years". This series of products adheres to the core product connotation of XCMG's "leading technology and indestructible use". A total of more than 200 government and industry association leaders, key customer representatives, industry experts and dealer representatives attended the scene

press conference site

Liu Qingdong, general manager of XCMG environment and Secretary of the Party committee, delivered a speech

x1 new generation products unveiling

"X1 new generation products will bring more selectivity to the environmental sanitation industry and faster solutions to environmental sanitation operations"

-- fanmingzhi, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of urban environmental sanitation, "I believe that the release of X1's new generation of products will drive domestic environmental protection equipment to a new level as a whole"—— Liu Zhendong, Secretary General of China Green Development Alliance, "X1 new generation products will contribute more to the construction of hometown environment"—— Sun Aidong, deputy director of the environmental sanitation department of Xuzhou Urban Management Bureau

green energy conservation · scientific and technological intelligence · machine integration · comprehensive adaptation

x1 new generation technology is leading the "four modernizations"

Cheng Lei, deputy general manager of XCMG environment, introduced the technology improvement of new generation products

1, green energy conservation

x1 new generation products cover the promotion and application of green energy-saving technologies such as pure electric, single engine, system noise reduction, sewage circulation, load sensing technology, etc, The comprehensive energy saving of the product reaches%

2. Intelligent technology

the environmental sanitation intelligent management system is selected, and the product intellectualization is upgraded from single machine automation to unmanned operation and intelligent collection, and the application of IOT technology is upgraded to remote monitoring and remote fault diagnosis

3. Whole machine integration

with the help of XCMG group platform, a new generation of integrated environmental sanitation equipment is formed, and XCMG automobile is jointly launched with a series of multi-functional dust suppression vehicles, compressed garbage vehicles and new energy products, and with XCMG automobile is jointly launched with a hoisting garbage vehicle

4. Comprehensive adaptation

meet special requirements for environment, working conditions and standards, achieve product technology breakthroughs and product coverage in market segments, and products and services are suitable for different regional needs

reliable, verifiable, observable

x1 the new generation of "three can"

1, reliable

parts, systems, and complete machines are indestructible, and the failure feedback rate and mean time between failures are more valuable to customers to the industry-leading product level

2. It can be found that polymerasia was established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2002 and now has technical systems such as reliability design, reliability test and reliability evaluation to improve product reliability from the source of design. Strictly implement the quality red line control to ensure the durability of products

3. Considerable

through the implementation of the product "spray free" project, the transformation from the whole machine spraying of environmental sanitation products to the local repair production mode of the whole machine is realized. The overall appearance shall be free of corrosion for 5 years and leakage for 3 years

star titanium, rock platinum, XCMG gold

x1 new generation new appearance

the new appearance is integrated into XCMG family design elements. "X" is the first letter of XCMG group, and also represents explore, exceed and excellent, implying unlimited possibilities

the application of "star titanium, rock platinum, XCMG gold" makes the overall design style more concise and crisp, with strong lines. Stars are the direction that guides us forward. Titanium is used in spacecraft to explore vast space, implying infinite exploration of "technological leadership" innovation; Rock implies solid power. Platinum is pure and rare, which is a symbol of eternity. Rock platinum represents the unswerving adherence to the quality of "indestructible" products; The use of Xu Gongjin is a kind of inheritance, which inherits the profound cultural heritage, vigorous development and high fighting spirit, and also inherits the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use"

X1 new generation products

four businesses and three platforms

witness the "XCMG speed"

"X1 generation is bound to become the representative of high-end complete sets of chemical and environmental protection equipment of XCMG that 'make green with green'. In addition, XCMG environmental industry has three businesses, which have good performance in the market." Liuqingdong, general manager and party secretary of XCMG environment company, said firmly

liuqingdong, general manager of XCMG environment and Secretary of the Party committee, was interviewed by the media

XCMG used the concept of "green manufacturing green" to develop and launch energy-saving and consumption reduction products for road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation and pure electric sanitation work products with low-carbon and zero emission standards. The 8-ton road sweeper developed jointly with XCMG European R & D center has a fuel consumption 45% lower than that of conventional products and a noise 6 dB (a) lower than the industry standard

x1 new generation product demonstration site

XCMG provides environmental sanitation operation services with the concept of "worry free", which can provide integrated equipment, services and solutions for single project contracting, environmental sanitation integration, PPP projects, etc., undertake all-round environmental sanitation operation projects such as road cleaning and cleaning, garbage sorting and transportation, garden and forest greening maintenance, municipal management and maintenance, and has run several projects in Hebei, Guizhou, Guangdong, Anhui, Henan and other places, The cumulative service amount is nearly 10billion yuan

XCMG has developed and launched a mature process treatment scheme for the resource reuse of the back-end classification and sorting in view of the current insufficient and imperfect front-end classification and collection. The waste reduction rate of the waste resource utilization project is 90%, and the resource reuse rate is 50%. Focusing on the collaborative disposal of urban solid waste, a process treatment scheme of "treating waste with waste" was launched, and a comprehensive recycling industrial park for solid waste treatment was built

schematic diagram of environmental recycling industrial park

1. "Green innovation"

the national technology center and German and American R & D centers built by XCMG closely focus on the world's most advanced technology trends, and innovate and develop the core technology of environmental sanitation and environmental protection equipment and environmental treatment process schemes. On the industrial cloud platform and technology crowdfunding and maker platform of XCMG R & D design cloud, intelligent manufacturing cloud, marketing service cloud and collaborative office cloud, users and operators are deeply involved in the whole process of product R & D, realizing the global collaborative R & D and borderless R & D of environmental sanitation products and environmental governance

industrial cloud platform

2, green manufacturing

according to XCMG's environmental industry planning, according to the era concept of green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, three major equipment manufacturing bases have been built in Xuzhou, Liaoning and Hubei. At the same time, XCMG's Brazil manufacturing base has been integrated into the production and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment, with a comprehensive capacity of more than 10000 units

equipment manufacturing base

3. Green finance

the establishment of tens of billions of special industrial funds for environmental business and 60billion comprehensive credit lines from banks, as well as the targeted financing of special equity and bonds of listed companies, will gather the world's best industrial resources with strong capital and technical strength, support and accelerate the development of environmental sanitation, which is also the basic requirements for experimental personnel equipment manufacturing, operation services and environmental governance business

the activity site was popular

the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China included "pollution prevention and control" in the three key battles, and XCMG was entrusted with it. Being on Mount Everest, I am determined to reach the top. The new generation of environmental Guardian X1 will accelerate the construction of a beautiful China and make the world a better place

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