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Construction of the first fully automated container terminal in Asia

people's Shanghai, June 27 Electrical automation control of the whole machine: Daogang group today signed the general contracting project of fully automated wharf. This is the fourth generation of fully automated wharf handling system in the world created by Zhenhua heavy industry in Shanghai, China, after the first three generations of automated wharfs abroad. This is also the first fully automated container terminal in Asia in a real sense, all of which adopt fully automated equipment and control systems. After completion, it will reduce labor by about 70% and improve operation efficiency by about 30%

compared with the previous three generations, the fourth generation fully automated wharf is not only efficient, but also more intelligent, environmentally friendly and low-cost. The handling of containers will no longer rely on internal combustion engine equipment, and the whole production process will be unmanned by virtue of intelligent operation scheduling control system. In terms of various indicators, it is ahead of the previous three generations of automated terminal systems, making China's terminal automation control technology surpass that of foreign countries as a whole

according to the overall planning of the wharf, Qingdao port plans to develop and construct six berths in three phases, with a total length of 2088m. At present, the civil construction of the wharf has begun. The design annual throughput of the two berths under development in phase I will reach 1.5 million TEU. Zhenhua heavy industry will provide 7 shore bridges, 20 automatic rail cranes, 38 l-agv automatic guide trolleys, as well as the equipment control and management system of the wharf. In this project, l-agv, the latest generation of automatic guide car independently developed by Zhenhua heavy industry, was put into the market for the first time. This type of trolley has its own lifting function, which can lift the container by itself. In terms of software, the equipment control management system independently developed by Zhenhua heavy industry has also been upgraded and improved, which will further improve the operation efficiency of the wharf. At that time, the Qingdao port automated wharf project will integrate multiple advanced systems such as the remote control system and the automatic guided car navigation system, and comprehensively adopt the current most advanced computer technology, sensing technology and automatic control technology to realize the real-time intelligent dispatching of the wharf handling and transportation equipment through the optimal control of the whole production process

the equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation of the country, and the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is even more important. Zhenhua heavy industry shows a new image of China's equipment manufacturing industry in the world with more than 70% of the global market share of Hong Kong Machinery, 100% of Zhenhua heavy industry's independent design intellectual property rights and 100% of the localization rate of parts. After firmly establishing the leading position in the global port machinery industry, Zhenhua heavy industry carried out a self revolution, no longer satisfied with the supply of single port machinery, and began to change its role as a supplier of system integrated solutions. Relying on independent innovation, it took the lead in researching how to test the universal testing machine and issued the fourth generation of fully automated wharf handling system in the world. Through completely independent software development and product design, and independently designed and measured the plane integrated electric control system of the lower platen, all port machinery equipment at the wharf will be brought into the computer system control

with the large-scale development trend of container ships, the world's main container shipping ports have entered the era of large ships. However, in the face of the demand contradiction of maximizing the loading capacity of container ships and minimizing the time at the port, the pressure on the efficiency of loading and unloading operations at the terminal increases. The reliability, high performance, high efficiency and low operating cost of the automated terminal can effectively solve this demand contradiction. Compared with traditional wharfs, the advantages of automated wharfs mainly lie in reducing labor intensity, reducing possible errors caused by human factors, reducing hidden dangers of production safety and improving operation reliability; Fully realize green, energy saving and environmental protection, and embody humanistic care; Reduce the impact of weather on wharf operation, and realize 24-hour operation around the clock; Greatly reduce the number of wharf labor and reduce labor costs

since 1998, Zhenhua heavy industry has started to study automatic terminal equipment and participated in the construction of CTA automatic terminal in Hamburg, Germany in 2000. In 2007, Zhenhua heavy industry pioneered a low-carbon, clean, safe, efficient, environment-friendly and energy-saving three-dimensional rail type automated wharf loading and unloading system in the world, and established a 1:1 automated wharf demonstration line in Changxing Island, Shanghai. In 2012, Zhenhua heavy industry won the bid for the equipment and software system of one reconstructed berth of Xiamen hiseas automation terminal, which has been put into trial operation

in recent years, Qingdao port has accelerated the construction of a digital port, an electronic port and an information port. At the same time, there is still a big gap in the domestic new material industry. It has been very integrated into the national the Belt and Road strategy and has participated in the construction of the maritime Silk Road Economic Belt. It has set the development goal of building a fourth generation world strong logistics port and vigorously promoted the construction of smart ports. In terms of port equipment, since the establishment of Zhenhua heavy industry in 1992, Qingdao port has established a cooperative relationship with Zhenhua heavy industry. At present, nearly 100 port machinery and equipment built by Zhenhua heavy industry stand on the new and old port areas of Qingdao port. The signing of the automation terminal project has further improved the scope and level of cooperation between the two sides

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