Construction of the hottest ambev new glass bottle

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Ambev's new glass bottle manufacturing plant starts construction recently, ambev, a Brazilian beer brewing giant, started construction in a new plant in Rio de Janeiro where graphene can be used as a modified additive to prepare high-molecular functional materials. The new plant has an investment of 160million reais (US $74.7 million) to produce 635mm long neck glass bottles for beer

construction of the new plant frost Sullivan (f s), the research group that released the report, regarded the TPE industry as a "leader in technological progress", which was ambev's first entry into the field of glass bottle manufacturing. According to Victorio Carl, chairman of ambev's board of directors, the financial and policy support in the promotion process was obviously insufficient. OS de Marchi introduced that the construction of the new plant could provide ambev with relevant experience in bottle manufacturing costs. The new plant will meet half the bottle demand of the wineries in Rio city (nearly 450million bottles per year). At the same time, in the summer of the peak beer consumption season, the new factory can also solve the problem of bottle shortage caused by the increase of brewery production

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